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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 24/03/14 17:21

China to stop easy loans to shipbuilders and commodity traders?

The first domestic bond default induced the Government to be more prudent avoiding rescued of not sound concerns and urging banks to tighten their credit by 20%

Chiuso 17/03/14 17:18

Scerni and Motia’s debt restructuring plans are finally accomplished

The Genoese shipping group will be able to consider some new investments in shipping and logistics through Blackstone fund

Chiuso 17/03/14 17:18

700 million euro investments allocated to Italian ports are still stuck in bureaucracy

Assiterminal submits the Government 5 ‘things to do’, whereas spurring a controversy on the cost of labour in Genoa port

Chiuso 17/03/14 14:50

E.R. Schiffahrt to implement a save-fuel course across its fleet

Chiuso 10/03/14 17:18

Grimaldi’s Fab Four still in their learning curve

The monthly magazine Shippax dedicated a special feature to the new generation of top managers which are to inherit the reins of the Naples-based shipping group (although not to soon)

Chiuso 10/03/14 17:18

Ischia's merry-go-round of small ferries not always up to the needs

The island that Neapolitans prefer to Capri is served by a plethora of second-tier commercial fleets rarely brilliant and too often disappointing

Chiuso 10/03/14 17:17

Brussels tottering towards the Regulation on ports

With the change of legislature Kallas’s draft measures might arguably be pigeonholed while LNG as fuel still enjoys full support

Chiuso 10/03/14 17:17

Ongoing querelle between ‘Grillini’ and Bankitalia on Deiulemar's crack

A Cinque Stelle member of the Italian parliament discredits the national Bank of Italy which declines all liabilities in the shipping company’s bankruptcy

Chiuso 03/03/14 18:39

FEPORT has a new Secretary General

Chiuso 03/03/14 17:11

Italian SMEs play the mini-bonds card to get funding

Studio CTS Bolla Quaglia & Associati comments on the instrument introduced by Monti’s government

Chiuso 03/03/14 17:10

Wilbur Ross pleads the role of private equity in shipping from Hamburg stage

The 13th German Ship Finance Forum saw a frank confrontation between shipowners and financiers to find a common pathway to support each other

Chiuso 03/03/14 17:10

Intensive market negotiations for Italian shipowners

Aponte to purchase two containerships, Zacchello and Andromeda could sell

Chiuso 27/02/14 11:47

CLIA and MedCruise to cooperate in order to further advance the growth of the industry

Chiuso 24/02/14 17:08

Five billion dollar fund allocated to shipping

Vettosi (VSL - Confitarma) warns on the unfair competition of German banks

Chiuso 17/02/14 17:08

Portek tributes its founder Larry Lam

The former chairman passed away at 62. He had shortly partnered with Messina

Chiuso 17/02/14 17:07

Genoa wants Unicredit's shipping desk back

Luigi Merlo and some shipowners' representatives submitted a request directly to Ghizzoni

Chiuso 17/02/14 17:06

Commerzbank buys back at auction a Gorgonia’s ship

Meanwhile, both Sea World Management and Scorpio Tankers seal deals

Chiuso 14/02/14 18:36

Jotun increases sales by 6% in 2013

Chiuso 13/02/14 15:36

Commerzbank back in black

Chiuso 12/02/14 10:56

HSH to face a 'triple-digit' million loss