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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 30/06/14 17:41

An investigation targets shipping company RBD Armatori

The Attorney's Office in Torre Annunziata impounded assets worth 11.5 million euro

Chiuso 23/06/14 17:41

Passengerships now can fly on an Ottoman Sealine carpet

A brand new player from Turkey, stemming from an experienced shipyard, shows great ambitions as a suppliers of innovative marine floorings to outfit cruiseships and yachts

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:39

European coastal depots gathered in the Serenissima

During the FETSA convention of Venice, outgoing President Giorgio Bonetti (Attilio Carmagnani) ‘handed on the torch’ to newly elected successor Martine Teeuwens (Noord Natie Terminals)

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:39

Export of goods and the internationalization of firms definitely foster maritime transport in Italy

The first Italian Maritime Economy report issued by SRM shows strengths and weakness of a segment worth 70 billion euro and almost 500 million tons

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:38

Discovering 'Yuksel planet', the barycentre of the Yilport galaxy

Exclusive interview with Robert Yuksel Yildirim, the Turkish maritime and port entrepreneur who is going on snatching terminals in order to create a world top league network (with the support of forthcoming minority partners) while declining cooperation offers from other parties (also Italian)

Chiuso 16/06/14 17:38

Posidonia 2014 has brought its fruits once again

Many deals made at the world summit of shipping by Greek shipowners – among which Marinakis, Polemis, Vafias, Latsis, Tsakos - now officialised

Chiuso 09/06/14 17:38

Hellenic shipowners ordering one newbuilding vessel every second day!

Posidonia 2014 opening by Premier Saramas confirmed that the Greek shipping industry is still the world’s number one, despite the country’s big crisis

Chiuso 09/06/14 17:38

Posidonia's social networking side: a dolly shot of glory and distress

Athens 'crazy week' of world shipping’s great jamboree lived in a shorter 3-days compact version over the most fashionable districts and resorts, although missing something...

Chiuso 09/06/14 17:37

Further sales for Navigazione Montanari

Meanwhile Vroon announces the sale of a PSV and of Petrolmar bunkering branch

Chiuso 09/06/14 17:37

Hellenic optimism marching in at Posidonia 2014: recovery is just behind the corner, probably…

Mixed feelings among shipowners who gathered at the ‘world shipping festival', which every second year in Athens attracts a few dozen thousands operators Among big names of the Greek shipowning industry, like Frangou, Tsakos, Economou, Martinos and Marinakis, emerging Lauro shows the case study of Scorpio

Chiuso 02/06/14 17:37

How to structure private equity deals

Studio CTS comments on a kind of investment nowadays in the limelight also in the shipping industry

Chiuso 26/05/14 17:35

Costantino 'the Great' also put his flag on the Acropolis

At the Athens Annual General Meeting, Baldissara (Grimaldi) is re-appointed to a new presidential term at ECG the European association of logistics providers to the automotive industry, which is now more confident on the future business

Chiuso 26/05/14 17:35

Even the Turkish maritime industry can cry

At the 11° Marine Money forum in Istanbul, Kalkavan (Turkish Chamber of Shipping) makes the point: “Incredible up and down suffered, but we passed the stress test!”

Chiuso 26/05/14 17:35

No Marshall Islands, no shipping party!

A growing Turkish fleet is registering at IRI which fêtes with a cocktail gathering with view over the Bosporus

Chiuso 26/05/14 17:35

A Mediterranean bridge to connect Genoa and Tunisia

Genoa Propeller Club pinpoints current strategical importance and further growth potential of maritime trades

Chiuso 26/05/14 17:34

The brothers who are building up a shipping Blue Wall, vessel by vessel

George and Stathis Gourdomichalis, heir to a dynasty of Greek shipowners and themselves able to start up several businesses in less than two decades, are progressively implementing a brand new dry cargo fleet by pursuing their own growth strategy

Chiuso 19/05/14 17:33

No limits to Coco Vroon's shopping

“Should we seize further opportunities in Italy we won't hesitate catching them” says the Dutch owner

Chiuso 19/05/14 17:33

Private equity: is a witch-hunt been unleashed?

At the Italian 10th Mare Forum conference everybody was looking for the oversupply culprits, although not everybody reached the same conclusions

Chiuso 19/05/14 17:33

Hedge funds hot on trot to take up Italian shipping debt

Unicredit's loans to RBD Armatori already taken over by a Goldman Sachs's fund

Chiuso 12/05/14 17:32

Genoa: international capital of ship suppliers

The Italian association ANPAN led OCEAN's BoD held under the Lighthouse