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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 19/12/16 10:51

The new Port Regulation finally approved: mixed reactions to the announcement

The provision, that sets up access to port services and ports financial transparency, has just one step to overpass for its ultimate implementation, the green light from the UE Council

Chiuso 05/12/16 11:52

All the changes introduced by the Legislative Decree reorganizing tax incentives and social security contributions in favor of shipping companies

Studio TCL illustrates also the new Voluntary Disclosure

Chiuso 07/11/16 11:41

New tax rules in Italian Budget Law 2017

Voluntary disclosure, abolition of Equitalia and of the ‘Spesometro’, fiscal warehouses for VAT purposes and more

Chiuso 17/10/16 12:11

Shipspotting from high above

Capt. Dalli’s firm Malta Ship Photos takes pictures from helicopters to maritime subjects of all kinds

Chiuso 10/10/16 13:02

Focus on capital gains and Tonnage Tax

Studio TCL analyzes the changes in tax treatment following the so-called European Law (Law no. 122 of 7 July 2016)

Chiuso 03/10/16 11:56

Sour news on the Tonnage Tax

The European Commission undertakes to review the taxation of capital gains in a manner unfavorable for shipowners

Chiuso 02/09/16 11:00

The effects of Brexit on the application of VAT rules in trade transactions between Italy and United Kingdom

According to Studio TCL companies will be called upon to make a careful assessment of their normal transactions in order to prevent operational and economic difficulties

Chiuso 01/08/16 10:28

The tax changes made by the European Law to shipping companies

Studio TCL Quaglia & Associati illustrates how Law no.122 of Juy, 7th will modify the regime of the Italian tonnage tax

Chiuso 11/07/16 11:04

Ship2Shore continues soaring dramatically

A double-digit growth was reported even in Q2 2016 (354,394; + 21.94%) and growing clicks (840,649; + 36.72%)

Chiuso 04/07/16 10:41

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in the new Union Customs Code (UCC)

Studio TCL illustrates also the Italian measures conceived for the ‘return of brains’ and for the reduction to 10% of VAT on short moorings in marinas

Chiuso 06/06/16 11:30

The advance tax ruling as a push to encourage new investments in Italy

Studio TCL analyzes also the clarification on reverse charge and tablets and PCs and the repeal of the tax on pleasure crafts

Chiuso 02/05/16 11:58

The branch exemption regime as a driver for the reorganization of multinational groups

Studio TCL analyses also the prior arrangements with the Italia tax administration for companies with international operations

Chiuso 26/04/16 10:44

A successful run for the charitable Genoese shipping team in Massachusetts

The ‘heart’ of the Italian maritime cluster went overseas to run for charity the legendary Boston Marathon and raised significant funds in support of the Gaslini Children Hospital in Genoa, although they are still open to receive donations

Chiuso 11/04/16 10:30

The ‘core’ of the Italian Maritime Cluster will run overseas for charity

Ready to dispute the prestigious Boston Marathon, the International Shipping Runners team is official charity fundraising programme to support Gaslini Hospital of Genoa

Chiuso 01/04/16 10:40

Voluntary Disclosure at its final stages

Studio TCL Quaglia & Associati sheds light also on tax credit for research and development and on 2015 black list communication

Chiuso 07/03/16 11:56

Hat trick of fiscal updates from Studio TCL Quaglia & Associati

Focus on: tax ruling, maxi depreciation and tax havens

Chiuso 01/02/16 11:47

Transfer of assets, assignment to shareholders and facilitated transformation

A way-out of the ‘stigma’ of being a screen company or an opportunity to think about family estate reorganization and plan rearrangements of capital?

Chiuso 11/01/16 11:44

Ship2Shore returned to double-digit growth

Clicks (+13.45%) and visits (+4.65%) are decidedly soaring, while S2S website is increasingly expanding as 'daily reading'

Chiuso 29/12/15 17:35

More transparency for assets invested abroad

Liechtenstein like Switzerland, farewell to historical bank secret on accounts Supreme Court: financing by the company owners on crossroad in taxation

Chiuso 04/12/15 17:09

Berths and wharves have to face IMU

Studio CTS sheds light also on tax benefits in case of occasional hires of boats and yachts