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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 02/01/18 12:15

Automatic exchange of information among States

The tools introduced by the OECD to fight against tax evasion

Chiuso 04/12/17 11:46

New rules introduced by the European Law for 2017

PKF Studio TCL’s focus on extending tax incentives provided by article 10

Chiuso 13/11/17 08:50

International Roadshow for De Bettin brothers

DBA Group is ready for the roadshow in the European finance capitals to enter the Italian Stock Exchange AIM market for a 20 million Euro offer

Chiuso 06/11/17 10:08

The benefits of corporate welfare plans

Studio TCL also analyzes new rules regarding the proposed new taxation on works of art included in the bill of the Budget Law for 2018

Chiuso 30/10/17 09:27

Law jamboree in Croatia

The 2nd International Conference INTRANSLAW was held in Zagreb

Chiuso 02/10/17 11:14

Navigation on the ‘high seas’: the guidelines

Clarifications regarding the application of VAT in the nautical sector as emerged from the presentation of the guide "Nautica & Fisco" elaborated by the Italian Tax Authority and UCINA

Chiuso 04/09/17 10:30

New round in favor of the Municipalities in the battle with licensees of Terminals for the application of IMU (ICI) on commercial "docks and squares"

Studio TCL Tax Consulting Legal comments on the recent decision by the Supreme Court - Sixth Civil Division no. 20259 of August 8, 2017 filed on 22/08/2017

Chiuso 04/08/17 09:50

Occasional labor contract

Studio TCL Tax Consulting Law explores the rules governing the occasional labor contract in connection with circular no. 107 by INPS on 05.07.2017

Chiuso 31/07/17 11:45

London praises Genoa: “Well done!”

IMO welcomes activity of IMSSEA International Maritime Safety Security Environment Academy, operating since 2008 and mentioned in STCW Convention as one of the international education and training tools

Chiuso 31/07/17 11:22

Nine development projects for Croatian hub port

The development projects of Port of Rijeka Authority, co-financed by the funds from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), have been presented by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

Chiuso 03/07/17 12:07

Identification for VAT purposes in the case of yacht chartering

Short focus by PKF - Studio TCL on the fulfillment, for VAT purposes, of a foreign person renting a yacht in Italy

Chiuso 16/06/17 10:54

Confirmation by the Customs and Tax Authorities on bunker operations

Further clarification by the Customs and Tax Authorities: Resolution of 13rd June 2017 on customs and tax compliance for bunkering

Chiuso 05/06/17 10:52

The new “cooperative compliance” system to establish a reliability relationship between tax administrations and business enterprises making new investments

Studio TCL- Tax Consulting Legal’s focus on new opportunities linked to new investments in Italy. Tax leverage to make Italy more appealable

Chiuso 02/05/17 11:52

A clear gap to be filled up in the Italian shipping regulation

Garbarino Vergani Law Firm unveils the problem existing in the field of limitation of shipowner liability

Chiuso 02/05/17 11:51

Fraudulent evasion of taxes

Case law getting ‘stricter’ on criminal acts

Chiuso 03/04/17 11:29

Tax residence of individuals: criteria and requirements

Latest fiscal news in Italy from PKF - Studio TCL Quaglia & Associati

Chiuso 06/03/17 13:11

The tax changes introduced by Decree ‘Milleproroghe’

SOMMARIO Studio TCL Quaglia & Associati explains changes to tax rules which are numerous and of particular importance

Chiuso 03/03/17 13:12

The tax changes introduced by Decree “Milleproroghe”

Studio TCL Quaglia & Associati explains changes to tax rules which are numerous and of particular importance

Chiuso 06/02/17 10:05

The changes made to research and development tax credit

Italian Government introduced new rules with the Budget Law for 2017, while coming a crackdown on italian assets held abroad

Chiuso 16/01/17 09:49

Gianluigi Aponte recruits Luigi Merlo

Former president of Genoa port Authority and Advisor to Transport Minister Delrio is the new Director of institutional relations for MSC Group in Italy