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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 01/10/18 11:09

Advertising bonus: terms and conditions

From Studio TCL, the ‘Instructions for use’ also for road haulage subsidies. News also from the GDPR front

Chiuso 03/09/18 11:03

The pros and cons of VAT group registrations

Studio TCL also analyses requirements for determining the fiscal residence of natural persons

Chiuso 02/08/18 17:56

CR7 and the others: the flat-tax optional regime for non-Italian residents

Studio TCL also explains the latest amendments to dividends tax rules

Chiuso 16/07/18 10:07

Ship2Shore climbs even higher

The number of visits, page views and number of visitors have definitely soared in 2018 first semester

Chiuso 29/06/18 16:52

The new electronic invoice era is coming soon

Italian Budget Law for 2018 has extended the obligation of electronic invoicing, which entered into force in 2014 for operations with the Public Administration

Chiuso 04/06/18 12:58

VM18: types of works prohibited to under 18 in operations on board fishing vessels

Studio TCL illustrates the contents of the Administrative order issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affair. From the Ministry of Economy and Finance a decree on the guidelines for the application of the provisions on Transfer Pricing

Chiuso 30/04/18 10:26

The changes in the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) guidelines

Studio TCL analyzes also the effects the automatic multilateral exchange of financial information has had on taxpayers

Chiuso 30/03/18 16:25

New rules for the protection of personal data

Few tips about the new data protection law picked out by PKF Studio TCL – Tax Consulting legal

Chiuso 05/03/18 10:00

What changes for the sale of equity stake in overseas companies

Studio TCL explains the effect of the new tax regime enforced on foreign corporations

Chiuso 05/02/18 12:35

Not taxable VAT for vessels used for navigation on the “high seas”

Here are the clarifications provided by Resolution 6/E of the Revenue Agency

Chiuso 05/02/18 12:34

All about the new mini tax shield

The details on the new amnesty for frontier workers and former residents abroad (AIRE members), that someone has defined the mini-voluntary disclosure

Chiuso 29/01/18 10:10

Last farewell to Trieste shipping agent Samer, full of hobbies

Dario Samer, founder of the homonymous shipping and freight-forwarding company during the ‘80s and leading figure within Italy-Turkey maritime trade, practised his jazz and water polo regularly

Chiuso 08/01/18 10:47

Ship2Shore shows readers’ growth and consolidation in 2017

Soaring pageviews (over 1,600,000) and website visits (742,000), as well as a wider audience recorded in social media and Daily Newsletter

Chiuso 02/01/18 12:15

Automatic exchange of information among States

The tools introduced by the OECD to fight against tax evasion

Chiuso 04/12/17 11:46

New rules introduced by the European Law for 2017

PKF Studio TCL’s focus on extending tax incentives provided by article 10

Chiuso 13/11/17 08:50

International Roadshow for De Bettin brothers

DBA Group is ready for the roadshow in the European finance capitals to enter the Italian Stock Exchange AIM market for a 20 million Euro offer

Chiuso 06/11/17 10:08

The benefits of corporate welfare plans

Studio TCL also analyzes new rules regarding the proposed new taxation on works of art included in the bill of the Budget Law for 2018

Chiuso 30/10/17 09:27

Law jamboree in Croatia

The 2nd International Conference INTRANSLAW was held in Zagreb

Chiuso 02/10/17 11:14

Navigation on the ‘high seas’: the guidelines

Clarifications regarding the application of VAT in the nautical sector as emerged from the presentation of the guide "Nautica & Fisco" elaborated by the Italian Tax Authority and UCINA

Chiuso 04/09/17 10:30

New round in favor of the Municipalities in the battle with licensees of Terminals for the application of IMU (ICI) on commercial "docks and squares"

Studio TCL Tax Consulting Legal comments on the recent decision by the Supreme Court - Sixth Civil Division no. 20259 of August 8, 2017 filed on 22/08/2017