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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 12/11/13 13:19

Royal Bank of Scotland to sell $800 mln shipping loan

Chiuso 11/11/13 16:44

A shipping tale of two German brothers

Brief history of the business activities of two very different ship owners

Chiuso 11/11/13 16:43

Francesco Corrado, ‘economist of the sea’, passed away

In memory of a challenging, cautious and definitely open-minded shipowner

Chiuso 11/11/13 16:43

Even Lauro leaves Scorship

After Koenig’s departure, Scorpio’s number one sells his shares

Chiuso 07/11/13 17:58

The 2013 ESPO Award goes to Antwerp

Chiuso 05/11/13 14:15

Shipowner Francesco Corrado passes away in Genoa

Chiuso 04/11/13 16:43

Firms take flight abroad: how to apply Exit Tax

A comment from Studio CTS Bolla Quaglia & Associati on the issue of transfer in other jurisdictions and countries of tax residence and company assets

Chiuso 04/11/13 16:42

New forthcoming funding from BEI to support ports and Italian shipowners

The port authorities of Ravenna and Civitavecchia, besides shipping companies Visemar, Messina and Grimaldi, waiting for final green like to attain new funding

Chiuso 04/11/13 16:42

Greek shipowners unchained on all markets

All reports and studies by shipbrokers and analysts show that the Hellenic fleet, getting wider and wider, is wisely grasping the several opportunities set by the ongoing crisis, bringing great benefits to the country’s ailing economy

Chiuso 04/11/13 16:42

Hamburg's Eisbeinessen is 65 years old but in no mood for retiring

Once a year a great deal of German shipping cluster operators (and their guests) get almost crazy after the giant dinner and aside time An historical glance at this globally renowned event in the words of the hosting association VHSS’ general manager Alexander Geisler

Chiuso 04/11/13 16:42

Halloween hallowed with beer at Frachtcontor's party

The historic Hamburg-based shipbroker gathered more than 500 guests at the Rathaus for the usual event preceding the crowded Eisbeinessen night

Chiuso 28/10/13 17:39

Ince & Co boosts staff in Monaco

Chiuso 28/10/13 16:41

Zenatek finds new followers to its tracking solutions abroad

Continuous attendance at major port and logistics international exhibitions allowed the Genoese-Monegasque company to upgrade its market position

Chiuso 28/10/13 16:41

Mega Coatings: operating arm in China, brain in Italy

The group, founded by Gianella & partners, is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary still preserving its leadership in antifouling and corrosion coatings, not only for containers’ use

Chiuso 28/10/13 16:41

The world's heaviest steel wire rope gets smarter on streaming

Redaelli TECI celebrated its renowned Flexpack, able to win the ‘Guinness World Record’ for the third consecutive year, through a webcast conference participated by delegates of the Italian offshore industry

Chiuso 28/10/13 16:40

The pros and cons of the widening phenomenon of High Cube containers

There are also a few evident headaches for operators caused by the growing popularity of the 9’6in high boxes, as highlighted by Drewry Maritime Research

Chiuso 25/10/13 12:04

UIRR announces new Director General

Chiuso 21/10/13 16:38

Further 360 ‘Korean’ millions for Scorpio Tankers!

State-owned Korea Trade Insurance Corp to fund the Monegasque shipping company to allow the construction of 21 newbuildings in the country’s yards

Chiuso 21/10/13 16:38

Vettosi on the watch for shipping ‘gambling’

VSL’s number one peruses the various shipping markets and confirms being concerned about private funds’ speculations on the international orderbook

Chiuso 14/10/13 18:22

Intercargo: UK P&I Club the best on PSC compliance