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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 03/03/14 18:39

FEPORT has a new Secretary General

Chiuso 03/03/14 17:11

Italian SMEs play the mini-bonds card to get funding

Studio CTS Bolla Quaglia & Associati comments on the instrument introduced by Monti’s government

Chiuso 03/03/14 17:10

Wilbur Ross pleads the role of private equity in shipping from Hamburg stage

The 13th German Ship Finance Forum saw a frank confrontation between shipowners and financiers to find a common pathway to support each other

Chiuso 03/03/14 17:10

Intensive market negotiations for Italian shipowners

Aponte to purchase two containerships, Zacchello and Andromeda could sell

Chiuso 27/02/14 11:47

CLIA and MedCruise to cooperate in order to further advance the growth of the industry

Chiuso 24/02/14 17:08

Five billion dollar fund allocated to shipping

Vettosi (VSL - Confitarma) warns on the unfair competition of German banks

Chiuso 17/02/14 17:08

Portek tributes its founder Larry Lam

The former chairman passed away at 62. He had shortly partnered with Messina

Chiuso 17/02/14 17:07

Genoa wants Unicredit's shipping desk back

Luigi Merlo and some shipowners' representatives submitted a request directly to Ghizzoni

Chiuso 17/02/14 17:06

Commerzbank buys back at auction a Gorgonia’s ship

Meanwhile, both Sea World Management and Scorpio Tankers seal deals

Chiuso 14/02/14 18:36

Jotun increases sales by 6% in 2013

Chiuso 13/02/14 15:36

Commerzbank back in black

Chiuso 12/02/14 10:56

HSH to face a 'triple-digit' million loss

Chiuso 10/02/14 17:06

The Chinese New Year pulls down the New ConTex

The index on containerships’ charters provided by the Hamburg Ship Brokers Association lost 2 points in the last week

Chiuso 10/02/14 17:06

Ebrex bets on Civitavecchia

Green light on the new Lazio-based '0 km' warehouse, providing on board services to cruiseships

Chiuso 10/02/14 15:51

RINA certifies Aggreko marine generators

Chiuso 03/02/14 17:04

The Italian Tax authorities seek dialogue with International firms and foreign investors

A comment from Studio CTS Bolla Quaglia & Associati on the revision of the policy for requesting an Advance Tax Ruling (ATR) and the creation of a ‘Dedicated Desk’ available to potential foreign investors

Chiuso 03/02/14 17:03

Once upon a time....from Sen. Bibolini to Emanuele Lauro through Lolli Ghetti

The young enterprising Italian-Monegasque shipowner reports about his 10 years of resounding career, waiting to seize further opportunities with fast growing Scorpio group

Chiuso 03/02/14 17:03

Rickmers says its KG new failures are indeed old stories

Four more ships carrying the German shipowning group’s prominent name are just declared insolvent by the court, but the Hamburg-based company minimizes the facts

Chiuso 31/01/14 10:09

Deltamarin’s B. Delta37 ‘ecoships’ a success

Chiuso 27/01/14 17:02

The sea definitely spurs Alfa Laval's development

Swedish company grows up in Italy thanks to its Marine products