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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 19/04/22 08:17

Gaussin strengthens production capacity in France

The French company, which specializes in the production of 'green' logistics vehicles, has also delivered the first electric tractor tugs to the Cote d'Ivorie Terminal in Abidjan

Chiuso 19/04/22 08:15

DACHSER, growing numbers in Italy and abroad

The company, which specializes in shipments for the food industry, continues to develop the business amidst digitization, sustainability and new challenges

Chiuso 19/04/22 08:14

Ovrsea arriving in Italy too

After the openings in Spain and the United States, the French 'digital' freight forwarder also enters the 'Boot', aiming to become the privileged partner of 300 Italian firms

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:31

A ‘tricolor’ shot in the digital logistics of fashion and luxury in Asia for the Germans

Fiege takes over World Fashion Logistics, founded in Hong Kong by the Italian entrepreneur Beretti (who remains as CEO), and thus strengthens the logistics of continental e-commerce

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:30

Waberer's remains Waberer's and hires Indian drivers

The historic Hungarian transport company will not change its name and, given the shortage, it will strengthen itself with the recruitment of 79 Indian pilots

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:28

Geodis also grows in Asia and acquires Keppel Logistic

Keppel Logistics employs 500 people and owns warehouses covering 200,000 square meters, offering end-to-end services, from storage to delivery in the last mile

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:25

Austria pioneering rail vehicle transport across half of Europe

Hödlmayr takes care of the transport of Renault cars by train in import from Barcelona; its service also concerns heavy vehicles, recovering after the slowdown due to the pandemic

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:22

TX Logistik increases the frequency of intermodal connections between Leipzig and Verona

Starting from April 5, the railway logistics company, which is part of the Mercitalia Group (FS Italiane Group), increased trains between the two cities from 6 to 8

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:09

Kombiverkehr launches new freight rail services between Italy, Germany and Belgium

The German combined transport company opens connections from Rostock to Verona, from Cologne to Melzo and Trieste (in turn connected with Munich) and between Ghent and Mortara (which will also be connected with Rotterdam)

Chiuso 11/04/22 10:37

CMA CGM officially confirms the acquisition of GEFCO

The French liner will take over 100% of the compatriot logistic provider, currently controlled by the Russian railways RZD and participated by the automotive group Stellantis

Chiuso 04/04/22 11:54

Stinis supports TCR Ravenna’s cranes with a new spreader

To deliver the second special machine to the Romagna-based container terminal - after the first order in 2017 - was Port Supplies of Modena, which also supplied MCT Gioia Tauro with a different spreader

Chiuso 04/04/22 10:41

The marriage between Cargotec and Konecranes cannot be done, London says

The British antitrust denies its green light and the two giants of handling equipment decide to abandon the operation, each one will continue on its own pathway

Chiuso 04/04/22 10:40

CMA CGM eyes compatriot logistic provider GEFCO

The French company, specialized in automotive services and participated by Stellantis, would like to get rid of the now 'inconvenient' majority shareholder: Russian state railways RZD

Chiuso 04/04/22 10:36

MSC will acquire Bolloré Africa Logistics: an agreement was signed

SOMMARIO The French group has accepted the offer of 5.7 billion euro from the Swiss maritime corporation, the transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of next year

Chiuso 29/03/22 10:47

New port machines arriving from Portunus for DFDS

The Turkish company, which specializes in the maintenance and regeneration of port vehicles, is also preparing for the delivery of 2 reachstackers in West Africa

Chiuso 29/03/22 10:46

Christophe Gaussin awarded the "Hydrogen Personality of the Year" at his own home

The French group, which is developing a series of 'zero-emission' vehicles for logistics and transport, expects strong growth in turnover over the next two years

Chiuso 29/03/22 10:45

The liberalization of international rail freight according to ERFA

The European association shows how the sector needs new rules that take into account the changing market, where private railway companies represent about half of the sector

Chiuso 22/03/22 13:02

Tobias Bartz is the new CEO and President of the Rhenus Group

The executive will take up his position starting from April 1st. Rhenus Office Systems acquires Vectura Archivage and expands the business in France

Chiuso 22/03/22 12:59

Kombiverkehr looks to Turkey and expands the service between Cologne and Trieste

Rail transport between the German city and the Italian port thus passes from 3 to 4 pairs of trains per week

Chiuso 22/03/22 11:33

The war in Ukraine also ‘bombs’ the automotive sector dragging the entire supply chain into risk

ECG alerts on the strong impact of the conflict on the logistics of finished vehicles: shortage of semiconductors, fuel prices and inflation bring production to a halt and the downstream sector flounders