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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 09/05/22 08:46

Rail Cargo Group’s Ebit 2021 at 121.6 million Now the trains with Ukraine

The Austrian railways’ freight transport company closed last year with a growing profit and turnover. Meanwhile, the first direct train loaded with grain from war zones arrived in Austria

Chiuso 09/05/22 08:44

DFDS starts a train service between Sète and Calais

With the activation of this connection, which provides 2 departures per week for each direction, the transit-time between Istanbul and London drops to 7 days

Chiuso 02/05/22 10:38

Mammoet completes the world's first full electric heavy transport

The Dutch company had to replace a 'production vessel' at a chemical plant in the Netherlands

Chiuso 02/05/22 10:37

Sicom completes the maxi delivery for Den Hartogh (which opens a new office in Thailand)

Another 400 new 30 'containers were shipped from the Piedmontese factory to overall increase the Dutch fleet by 10%

Chiuso 26/04/22 08:50

Hupac launches a new service between Novara and Antwerp

The Swiss intermodal operator strengthens its network with unprecedented relationships and with the increase in roundtrips on some historic connections

Chiuso 26/04/22 08:47

SPI Marine expands the offer of containerized freight services and its European presence

Jonathan Le Feuvre has been Managing Director of the company for a year, while Alix Visser has been appointed director of the containerized freight service in the Netherlands

Chiuso 26/04/22 08:41

Tschudi Logistics Mozambique grows with its new headquarters in Pemba

Fabio Spetrini will be the General Manager of the branch office working close with Thomas Vestergaard, CEO of the Norwegian company

Chiuso 26/04/22 08:39

The debut reach stacker of the Chinese in Italy goes to Veneto

Sany Europe has delivered the first new generation port machine sold in the country to Marcato Trasporti in Venice

Chiuso 26/04/22 08:34

Ita Airways, the race is for three although MSC is at the forefront

The offer of the Aponte group together with Lufthansa would be extremely more advantageous than those of its competitors Indigo Partners and Certares

Chiuso 25/04/22 19:13

A link Duisburg-Trieste via Interporto Cervignano is underway

The service provides (for now) 2 pairs of trains per week and is operated by Rail Cargo Austria (RCA)

Chiuso 25/04/22 19:11

Changing of the guard at the helm of Assoferr

The Board of the association that brings together railway and intermodal operators unanimously elected as new President Armando de Girolamo, Sole Administrator of Lotras

Chiuso 19/04/22 09:00

The rebirth of Maersk Air Cargo

The Danish group redesigns the strategies of air freight transport, in response to the global needs of customers

Chiuso 19/04/22 08:18

Cargobeamer enters the wagon manufacturing business

The intermodal company will open a new plant in Erfurt, Central Germany, by the end of the year

Chiuso 19/04/22 08:17

Gaussin strengthens production capacity in France

The French company, which specializes in the production of 'green' logistics vehicles, has also delivered the first electric tractor tugs to the Cote d'Ivorie Terminal in Abidjan

Chiuso 19/04/22 08:15

DACHSER, growing numbers in Italy and abroad

The company, which specializes in shipments for the food industry, continues to develop the business amidst digitization, sustainability and new challenges

Chiuso 19/04/22 08:14

Ovrsea arriving in Italy too

After the openings in Spain and the United States, the French 'digital' freight forwarder also enters the 'Boot', aiming to become the privileged partner of 300 Italian firms

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:31

A ‘tricolor’ shot in the digital logistics of fashion and luxury in Asia for the Germans

Fiege takes over World Fashion Logistics, founded in Hong Kong by the Italian entrepreneur Beretti (who remains as CEO), and thus strengthens the logistics of continental e-commerce

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:30

Waberer's remains Waberer's and hires Indian drivers

The historic Hungarian transport company will not change its name and, given the shortage, it will strengthen itself with the recruitment of 79 Indian pilots

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:28

Geodis also grows in Asia and acquires Keppel Logistic

Keppel Logistics employs 500 people and owns warehouses covering 200,000 square meters, offering end-to-end services, from storage to delivery in the last mile

Chiuso 11/04/22 11:25

Austria pioneering rail vehicle transport across half of Europe

Hödlmayr takes care of the transport of Renault cars by train in import from Barcelona; its service also concerns heavy vehicles, recovering after the slowdown due to the pandemic