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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 08/06/20 11:10

Lannutti to build a maxi logistics hub in Fossano

Cuneo-based group took over Michelin’s former production plant extending over a surface of 270,000 square meters while started building a warehouse in Charleroi

Chiuso 29/05/20 12:25

Verona to concentrate freight in a single intermodal terminal

The project launched by Terminali Italia, RFI and ZAI provides for the creation of the IV Module – a standard rail siding complying with EU length standards – at Quadrante Europa

Chiuso 25/05/20 09:24

Mercitalia launched a new intermodal service between Padua and Trieste

Three train pairs per week will connect the Veneto interport with TMT, which in the first four months of the year recorded a slight traffic increase

Chiuso 25/05/20 09:22

GTS launched Segrate-Marcianise rail link

Lugo Terminal’s service between Fiorenzuola d'Arda and Giovinazzo apt for P400 profiles, while the service between Giovinazzo and Verona interport will increase from 6 to 8 weekly roundtrips

Chiuso 25/05/20 09:06

Four new warehouses for Amazon in Italy

Catania, Brescia, Parma and Pisa will be added to the company’s Italian network by next autumn

Chiuso 18/05/20 11:22

Some 20,000 more lorries carrying dangerous goods in circulation

Railway companies are concerned about the limit set by RFI to rail transport. Croccolo (ANSF-ANSFISA): “We need a regulation to put an end to the zero risk and infinite liability myth”

Chiuso 18/05/20 10:43

Mercitalia to invest 12 million euro in wagons

FSI’s subsidiary will purchase 52 new units and upgrade 130 units

Chiuso 15/05/20 15:31

Kuehne + Nagel to drink good ‘rosso’ in Italy

VinLog powered by the Swiss logistics operator opens dedicated warehouse for wine and spirits in Verona

Chiuso 11/05/20 09:57

With 13 million euro investment, Muciaccia achieved 18 owned units

GTS Rail received the 3 Siemens locomotives ordered at the beginning of the year, while its 40 intermodal wagons will be delivered shortly

Chiuso 08/05/20 16:46

Buzzatti’s intermodal food logistics to speed up its pace

The Belluno-based company purchased 50 new containers to transport powdered products from the German company Feldbinder

Chiuso 08/05/20 16:39

Railway newco to enter the Italian market

EVM plans to launch its operations by September with three chartered locomotives

Chiuso 04/05/20 10:50

Assoferr president Irene Pivetti under investigation

Only Logistics’ managing director charged with commercial fraud and marketing of non-compliant products for a batch of masks imported from China

Chiuso 04/05/20 10:46

623 days after it collapsed, Genoa’s new bridge is almost ready

They completed the span of the 1,067 meters long viaduct, consisting of over 17,000 tons of steel. “Genoa’s lighthouse shines on Italy”, Prime Minister Conte declared

Chiuso 27/04/20 10:04

UK and Italy getting closer thanks to Switzerland

Three weekly departures will connect several Italian hubs with Great Britain after Hupac launched a shuttle’ service between Geleen and Moerdijk

Chiuso 27/04/20 10:01

Fercam launched a full road service from China to Europe

The intercontinental service is reserved to 20 tons full cargoes and transit time ranges between 15 and 17 days

Chiuso 27/04/20 09:59

F2i and ANIA took over Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana

Di Patrizi kept a minority share and remained the company’s managing director

Chiuso 27/04/20 09:48

French Laminoirs des Landes chose Ambrogio’s ‘made in Italy’ intermodalism

First dispatch of steel sheets to Italy with a combined railway-road service

Chiuso 21/04/20 12:07

More Scandinavia for TX Logistik

The German subsidiary of Italian railway group Polo Mercitalia doubled its rail freight services for a supermarket chain

Chiuso 20/04/20 10:00

Trieste to tackle the lockdown with intermodalism

A new service network towards Austria was launched. D’Agostino: “Railways are definitely our winning asset”

Chiuso 20/04/20 09:42

F2I is interested in Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana

The Italian investment fund expanded its focus on freight logistics from quays to railtracks