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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 02/03/20 09:55

Liguria to focus on imports in Italian-Russian trade

During the fourth edition of the event organized by the Association Conoscere Eurasia, the Liguria Region and the Russian Consulate in Genoa emphasized the role of Italy as a natural connection between Russian and the EU

Chiuso 02/03/20 09:38

Coronavirus: the port of Genoa urged the Ministry of Health to provide additional personnel

Screenings s increased, paperworks related to goods not cleared. Italian mayors requested urgent safety measures for workers and implementation of ‘smart working’. “Prohibitory measures are ready”, Port Authority President Signorini declared

Chiuso 24/02/20 08:55

Two new jobs for Bedeschi

The Padua-based company gained contracts from Lafarge Holcim Maroc and from Riga Bulk Terminal

Chiuso 20/02/20 09:04

New deal in Africa for Shi.E.L.D. Services’ Bulk Borneo

The Italian logistics provider won a contract to manage and operate the transhipper vessel in Guinea in order to boost the growing mineral export

Chiuso 19/02/20 17:22

EU Commissioner for Transports restrained Austria concerning the Brenner pass

Valean asked Austria to "take a step back" with regard to the "unilateral measures" applied by its government to the road axis

Chiuso 17/02/20 09:59

The commitment of Fincantieri for the new Genoa viaduct

A 100-meter maxi deck built by the shipyard was raised, and the Valpolcevera ‘ship-bridge’ is taking shape

Chiuso 17/02/20 09:44

Cruise companies are now required to pay the Transport Regulation Authority

The Regional Administrative Court of Turin (due to the Genoa Decree) changed its mind and rejected Costa’s appeal. Also logistics platforms are subject to the payment

Chiuso 10/02/20 10:11

Tirrenia suspended its freight connection between Naples and Catania

The company explained its decision to transport companies: “the line was unaffordable due to insufficient traffics”. In the meantime, CGIL, CISL and UIL trade unions announced a strike on March the 13th to protest against the closing down of the company’s offices in Naples and Cagliari

Chiuso 10/02/20 10:09

The EU urged the maritime transport industry to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%

The amendment of the Environment Committee provides for the drastic reduction within 2030, compared to 2018. The shipping sector will probably be included in the Emissions Trading System soon

Chiuso 10/02/20 10:06

Trento Interport: 10 million euro for a new shunting sidings featuring 3 750 meters long tracks

The rolling highway (RoLa) will be strengthened within 2022, reducing traffic flows on the Brenner axis by up to 40%

Chiuso 10/02/20 09:31

Coronavirus affected also the shipping and logistics sectors

Sixteen Chinese ports offer tariff exemptions and reductions, but the number of ‘blank voyages’ increased. Cosulich: “Damages are huge, but the danger is overestimated”. In the meantime, BIMCO prohibited its staff from travelling to the Middle East, a cruise ship is in quarantine off the Japanese coasts and road haulage companies are not rejoicing about the decrease in oil prices

Chiuso 10/02/20 09:28

CMA CGM organized its own freight railway service

The French liner, in collaboration with GTS, launched its new Piacenza Rail Shuttle connecting the port of Genoa with the Emilia hub 3 times per week

Chiuso 10/02/20 09:27

Ambrogio placed a new order with Kässbohrer

The Gallarate-based company, specialized in international combined transport, placed a new order (for 45 units) with the German manufacturer

Chiuso 03/02/20 10:29

PSA Genova Pra’ launched a second rail track aiming at doubling the number of trains

By 2023 the largest container terminal in Genoa will achieve a 7 lines siding to operate 750 meters long trains. The ro-ro pier will be demolished and the platform will have 400 additional meters on the east without interfering with the airport conical surface

Chiuso 03/02/20 10:21

Slovenia linked to Slovakia by cargo train

A new freight train launched between the port of Koper and the capital city Bratislava

Chiuso 03/02/20 10:09

Duci is paving the way for his successors in Rome

Federagenti Genoese president – whose term of office is about to expire and cannot be renewed – explained the innovative ‘double majority’ method to choose the new president of the association. The three candidates are Santi (Venice), Acciaro (Sassari) and Totorizzo (Bari)

Chiuso 27/01/20 09:12

Rail Cargo to connect Verona and Lubeck

Austria increased its offer to replace road transits on the Brenner pass by launching a new twice-weekly service

Chiuso 27/01/20 09:11

Goodbye to Franco Vago and Traconf

Nippon Express merged its Italian subsidiaries and incorporated a logistics newco active in the fashion and life-style sectors, headed by Arnaldo Vivoli

Chiuso 27/01/20 09:04

Grimaldi to take over Bertani Trasporti’s majority shareholding

With the transaction financed by the bank Intesa Sanpaolo, Naples-based group will also obtain control of the Gioia Tauro car terminal

Chiuso 27/01/20 08:58

Arabian hands on the Helvetian intermodal business

Swissterminal and DP World enter a strategic partnership: Dubai will take 44% in the holding with founding family Mayer remaining the majority shareholder