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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 30/07/21 09:39

VAT non-taxability of services relating to cargo handling equipment in airport areas

PKF Italy TCL focuses on the recent offical answer to a tax ruling published by the Revenue Agency on an issue that has always been the subject of strong doubts in terms of VAT taxability

Chiuso 23/07/21 08:15

Rocktree EMCO Stevedore set new dry logistics record

The multipurpose supramax RT Genova transhipped a postpanamax at a gross rate of 65,000 tonnes per day

Chiuso 19/07/21 11:01

Combilift squares its sales figures

The 60,000th truck has been delivered (to Australia’s Metroll) by the Irish manufacturer

Chiuso 19/07/21 10:42

CargoBeamer's intermodal terminals make their debut abroad

The German company inaugurated in Calais, France the facility that uses the patented technology of horizontal handling of semi-trailers on trucks and which will be connected with Domodossola at the end of 2021

Chiuso 12/07/21 11:07

RMI on the French Top 3

Republic of the Marshall Islands earns high ranking on Paris MoU White List

Chiuso 12/07/21 10:17

After Melzo, Rhenus Italia opens new warehouses in Brescia

The development plan in Lombardy and in the Boot of the German multinational takes stance

Chiuso 12/07/21 10:13

First Croatia-France train for InRail

The convoy loaded with propylene left Škrljevo and, after 2,000 km and 60 hours of travel, reached Creutzwald

Chiuso 05/07/21 09:54

DB Schenker completed the new warehouse in Verona

Located within the Quadrante Europa freight terminal, it stands on a total area of 40,000 square meters and is dedicated to the cross docking of international traffic

Chiuso 05/07/21 09:50

Offshore navigation: declarations to be submitted in order to obtain non-taxable VAT has been published, the first critical aspects

PKF Italy TCL focuses on the critical issues emerging after the publication (by the Revenue Agency) of the forms related to the communications to be submitted in order to obtain the non-taxable VAT on the purchase of vessels used for offshore navigation, and for the supply of goods or services provided to them

Chiuso 05/07/21 09:46

DFDS strengthens the intermodal offer between Trieste and continental Europe

As part of its collaboration with the German railway operator primeRail, the Scandinavian company will open a new operations center in Cologne to manage rail transport

Chiuso 05/07/21 08:45

The Marguerite II fund takes 25% of GTS

The operation will take place through a combination of the purchase of shares from the Muciaccia family and a capital increase for the investment plan planned by the group

Chiuso 05/07/21 08:43

RAlpin extends the length of its trains

The rolling highway between Freiburg and Novara introduces 2 more rail wagons

Chiuso 05/07/21 08:37

CMA CGM also goes down on the rail tracks

The French liner has taken over Continentali Rail, one of the main Spanish railway operators

Chiuso 28/06/21 08:00

Here's how to make the Rotterdam region and its port sustainable

The leading seaport in Europe has decided to tackle the 'green' socio-economic challenge by launching the public Energy Transition Fund

Chiuso 28/06/21 08:00

Rail Cargo connects Verona and Regensburg

The new intermodal service Italy-Germany has 3 pairs of trains per week

Chiuso 28/06/21 08:00

GTS launches a new intermodal service between Brindisi and Piacenza

From the Emilian hub cargo will be able to go ahead to Northern Europe thanks to the rail network of the Apulian company

Chiuso 28/06/21 08:00

The Tuscan shipping network from the ALPS to the Rhine

Albini & Pitigliani takes over 100% of the German mate Red Line and extends the coverage of the European territory, while the Turkish branch confirms itself as the national leader

Chiuso 21/06/21 11:27

Lineas links Ghent and Milan, GTS arrives in Rotterdam

The Belgian railway company expands its portfolio at the Segrate terminal, the Apulian company adds Bari as a destination

Chiuso 21/06/21 11:25

An intermodal three-way alliance from Val di Sangro to Germany

Vans and campers manufactured by Trigano will be transported by the Abruzzo railway company Sangritana Cargo, altogether with its French partner Captrain Italia and German logistics operator ARS Altmann

Chiuso 21/06/21 11:17

How to load a locomotive aboard

A special rail project cargo accomplished at the port of Ancona