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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 02/05/21 21:04

The orange waves overcomes Italian customs services

Pisano, leader in the La Spezia territorial category, sells Sernav to the ambitious Customs Support of Rotterdam, which wants to become the leading European customs broker

Locked 02/05/21 21:15

The Autamarocchi business is running on the railtracks of investment

The Trieste-based company increases its commitment to the intermodal with 100 new 45 'swap bodies and 120 units of 30' dry bulk swap bodies, in addition to more projects

Locked 03/05/21 08:08

Trieste raises the bar for intermodal transport

The TriNur railway connection from Samer quay to Germany, dedicated to imported goods from Turkey, now doubles frequency

Locked 03/05/21 08:20

Sicom climbs on the crest of the wave of pandemic restrictions

In 2020, the Italian manufacturer took advantage of a rapidly growing demand for intermodal equipment by delivering numerous containers and swap bodies to new and old customers

Locked 03/05/21 08:22

A global carrier engaged into new technologies applied to logistics

ZIM Announces the establishment of ZIMARK to offer supply chain innovative scanning technology

Locked 03/05/21 08:32

Cosulich celebrated 15 years of catering for Brasil’s offshore

Changing of the guard at Fratelli Cosulich Comercio and Serviços Ltda, a branch in Macaè, in the Brazilian oil 'capital'

Chiuso 30/04/21 11:42

Revaluation of business assets: great opportunity for the restyling of 2020 financial statements

PKF Studio TCL focuses on the interesting opportunity, limited to financial statements closing in 2020, to revalue company assets (at civil and fiscal level) introduced by the August Decree to support companies in this difficult moment

Chiuso 26/04/21 13:34

The first freight train from Wuhan arrived in Milan

The connection will now be made regularly. China-Europe Express celebrates ten years of railway relations between the Dragon and the Old Continent

Chiuso 26/04/21 12:29

Waberer's orders 440 new trucks

Double order for 33 million euros from Volvo and Renault for the Hungarian haulier and logistics operator

Chiuso 26/04/21 09:39

Growth along the Land-Sea Corridor for cargo-partner

The Austrian logistics provider offers an intermodal transport service from Western China to Europe

Chiuso 26/04/21 09:36

German reshuffle on intermodal transport and rail terminals

Kombiverkehr starts transfers in Hannover Lehrte MegaHub, TX Logistik increases number of round trips to North Italy, Hamburg Port Consulting delivers terminal development plan for Villach

Chiuso 26/04/21 09:29

Gaussin makes big hit in Africa with its electric solutions for container handling

Bollorè Ports and APM Terminals (Maersk) book a 9.9 million euro order for 66 pieces of equipment for delivery within 2021

Chiuso 19/04/21 10:45

TX Logistik speeds up on Germany-Romania

The German railway operator increases train frequency between Cologne and Curtici

Chiuso 19/04/21 10:40

Parma and Zeebrugge closer with GTS Rail

The Apulian railway company launches a service that provides for further interconnections with the United Kingdom. A connection between Emilia and Bari is under scrutiny

Chiuso 19/04/21 10:28

The Dutch-German alliance in heavy lift maritime transport forms a partnership also in Italy

Morasso (Intermare), agent of SAL Heavy Lift, and Viola (Kestrel), agent of Jumbo Shipping, team up and form the Genoa-based Jumbo-SAL-Alliance Italy

Chiuso 12/04/21 12:04

New handling project for a cement plant in Poland

Bedeschi of Padua awarded a contract by Nanjing Kisen International Engineering for a Lafarge Holcim site

Chiuso 12/04/21 11:51

Fagioli also grows in 2020, driven by the foreign market

Revenues up by 4.3% compared to 2019, of which 80% accrued outside Italy. Net income leaps by 21.4%

Chiuso 12/04/21 11:49

A domestic block train restarts for once on the tracks of Vecon

GTS Rail is the traction operator of the spot convoy organized by Lorma Logistic and Archimede Gruden (both part of Cosulich Group) for De Longhi from Marghera to Rail Hub Melzo (Milan) of Contship Italia

Chiuso 12/04/21 11:43

Belgian investments in full blast in intermodal logistics

The Antwerp-based giant Katoen Natie invests in the port terminal of Montevideo (Uruguay), in a new logistics site in Poland and in the Italian stronghold of Cremona, now also equipped with photovoltaics

Chiuso 12/04/21 10:47

CLECAT against global carriers: "They take advantage of every crisis"

From Covid to Suez, according to the European association of freight forwarders "large shipping companies exploit a dominant position to continue to erode market share and to increase freight rates"

Chiuso 06/04/21 11:04

Tax credit on boats: the permanent establishment in Italy is necessary for all credits accrued until 2017

PKF Studio TCL deals with the very recent resolution of the Revenue Agency that denies IRPEF tax credits to seafarers, accrued against EU shipowning companies until 2017. A retroactive measure that will surely cause debates

Chiuso 06/04/21 10:58

Germany’s freight forwarders team up with DB Cargo Kombiverkehr for modal switch

The declared goal is to increase intermodal traffic by 150% in 10 years, achieving annual savings of 50 million tons of carbon dioxide

Chiuso 06/04/21 10:56

The interports of Venezia Giulia are getting fit thanks to new supports

Austrian railways Öbb take over a (very small) stake in Fernetti and strengthen some RCA services while regional funding arrives in Gorizia SDAG to extend a track to European standards, pending the railway lonk to Slovenia

Chiuso 29/03/21 11:46

Gaussin’s new hydrogen powered 100% vehicle presented

With robotic arm for zero-emission yard automation, it will be tested by two major logistics and e-commerce players in the United States and Europe by mid-2021

Chiuso 29/03/21 11:29

Wabererer’s can ride over the roller coaster

The Hungarian transport company closed the difficult year with some satisfaction

Chiuso 29/03/21 11:03

Rail Cargo Group drops its poker between Verona and Hannover

Four weekly connections between Interporto Quadrante Europa and Lower Saxony, a 'hub' for traffic along the new Silk Road, will start on Monday