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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza

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Surface Treated Composites White Book

Boud Van Rompay, Tahoka Press - $ 350,00

The Surface Treated Composites White Book is a complete reference on hard, non-toxic hull coating systems and in-water cleaning. It covers all related issues including the environmental hazards of biocidal coatings and the cost-effectiveness of surface treated composite hard coatings combined with routine in-water cleaning. The information in this book can save shipowners and operators between 8 and 40% of their current fuel bill while giving them an environmentally benign way to protect their ships' hulls and keep them smooth and free of fouling.

An Introduction to Ship Automation and Control Systems

Alex Stefani, MIMarEST

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Lorraine Small (IMarEST)

Dictionary of shipping terms

Giorgio Lombardi - €20,00