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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 17/06/13 16:11

Glencore, under scrutiny for heavy fiscal fraud, gets straight into LNG business

The Italian financial police alleged to have discovered tax evasion worth 120 million euro at subsidiary metals producer Portovesme in Sardinia. A dedicated LNG team of traders was formed by the Swiss giant trader, which has appointed three new directors at the Board

Chiuso 17/06/13 16:11

Switzerland asks Commodity Trading to be more transparent

The Swiss Parliament agreed a motion that could result in tougher rules for a sector always criticised for being too low profile. The first reactions from category associations in Lugano LCTA and Geneva GTSA

Chiuso 17/06/13 16:11

Russian crude oil market still a matter of a few big guys

The Federal Antimonopoly Service acknowledged that Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, BP-TNK and Surgutneftegaz’s oligopoly can anticipate the risk of abusing their dominance

Chiuso 10/06/13 16:10

Corbetta at the helm of DOF Subsea UK

The Italian manager will have the task of transforming the company in the next three years

Chiuso 10/06/13 16:09

Gunvor finds the money to fund the Swedish deal

The Russian trading house, which will multiple by five its current 9.9% share into PA Resources – engaged into oil and gas exploration and extraction - has signed in Singapore a huge syndicated revolving credit facility widely oversubscribed

Chiuso 03/06/13 17:26

Vitol to jointly market physical bunker locations as V-Marine

Chiuso 03/06/13 16:08

Saras opens further OPA from Rosneft

More shares are taken over into Sardinia’s refinery which is implementing a deep reorganisation

Chiuso 03/06/13 16:08

CILP Leghorn bets on forest products and seals alliance with Linde

The long lasting cooperation between the Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali of Italy and the German manufacturer continues strengthening

Chiuso 03/06/13 16:08

North African ports finally start recovering

According to consultant Andreas Nigulis (Vector), after ongoing disputes are completely settled, Italian transhipment hubs could be seriously hurt by these new competitors

Chiuso 03/06/13 16:07

First-ever (multiple) ‘green’ newbuildings order by Trafigura

The Geneva-based trading house has signed a contract in China for the construction of 4 + 4 eco-design product tankers

Chiuso 29/05/13 15:24

Roccheggiani and WTS, an agreement to cooperate in the offshore market

Chiuso 29/05/13 09:39

First-ever (multiple) ‘green’ newbuildings order by Trafigura

The Geneva-based trading house has signed a contract in China for the construction of 4 + 4 eco-design product tankers

Chiuso 27/05/13 16:06

Traders under scrutiny for violating U.N. sanctions

Glencore and Trafigura have allegedly made deals to export dry cargo to Iran; Vitol and Trafigura involved in a similar violation for oil cargo shipments

Chiuso 27/05/13 16:06

Gunvor raises money to buy oil assets (including ships?)

The Russian oil trader successfully placed on the market a 500 million USD bond at a convenient price without fully disclosing its intention on how to invest it

Chiuso 27/05/13 16:06

Cargill hunger for more tonnage is temporary

The US agri-business is to look for additional vessels on the market but has no ambition of property on it

Chiuso 22/05/13 12:20

Saipem has already exceeded 50% of its new contract acquisition target for 2013

Chiuso 20/05/13 16:05

A second mission completed in London for Lugano’s ‘gold’

Ticino for Finance organised in the City another successful conference to approach Europe’s most influential financial place to its operators of commodity trading sector

Chiuso 20/05/13 16:04

Bolfo staying on the defense line but anticipating a big deal next month

Duferco satisfied with its dropping profit: “We are still a winning model in spite of a surrounding dramatic scenario!”

Chiuso 20/05/13 16:04

Trasteel is here to stand (and Levmet too)

The Swiss steel trader confutes rumors about shrinking its commitment in Lugano and anticipates a new project to be shortly announced, while the business of its Monaco-based sister company is growing up

Chiuso 13/05/13 16:03

Balli Trading has gone too

The Anglo-Iranian giant steel trader - one of the seven ‘sisters’ part of Eurometal’s STSG – went into administration one month ago