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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/01/19 10:31

Will Leghorn be punished for not appreciating its main customer?

Harbour’s Master – blamed by Forza Italia Members of Parliament – allegedly hampered Grimaldi’s works, essentially standing in place of the local Port Authority, while the city Mayor sent a message warning about the full risk of escape by the Neapolitan company

Leghorn Major, Filippo Nogarin, has recently sent a warning message regarding Naples-based shipowner’s decommitment in the port: “We won’t consent Leghorn losing such a renowned shipowner”, as reported by Tirreno magazine, also adding that Grimaldi Lines might determine leaving the port due to latest problems with Harbour’s Master office.

Nogarin sent this message after Public Prosecutors started an investigation on Darsena Toscana.

Meanwhile Forza Italia members lodged the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures a parliamentary inquiry, accusing Adm. Tarzia, Captain of local Coast Guard, for having infringed AdSP’s jurisdiction.

Neither AdSP, nor Gruppo Grimaldi commented the fact, the latter group confirmed Ship2Shore they don’t intend fuel the argument.

“A real dispute between Harbour Master and AdSP is in progress although reasons and details are quite unclear, I won’t comment the fact, nevertheless I will try to clarify the situation with the Ministry of Transport to protect public interests.

“Leghorn has already lost jobs due to wrong political choices, Grimaldi’s departure must be prevented”, stated local Major.

The dispute started when the MSC Cristina, chartered in by Grimaldi group, asked authorization to discharge cars boarded in Northern Europe at Molo Italia 42 and Harbour Master rejected their request pursuant to existing regulations stating that a company holding concession on a quay – Sintermar – cannot moor at third party’s structures.

The ship was about to be diverted to another port; that’s way some 30 parliamentary members helmed by MP Giorgio Mulé, complained about Harbour Masters and AdSP’s behaviour.

The parliamentary inquiry “asked Minister Danilo Toninelli to take due action, accusing Harbour Master Captain to stand in for AdSP, whose President would consent that regulatory choices, operations development and surveys as well as port services would be managed by shipping policies powers”.

A silent agreement entrusting the Captain with unfair functions which should be held by AdSP’s president, still exists.

The dispute could have been smoothed down by authorizing Grimaldi to call at a public quay adjoining Lorenzini terminal beside Darsena Toscana Eastern side.

A case law might be raised by the evidence of facts, considering the old dating dispute between Grimaldi and Onorato groups with MSC.

The lack of available quays already occurred in past years, AdSP attempted to offer a reliable customer like Grimaldi, a temporary terminal on a state-owned quay located at Darsena Toscana, lately urging Scalo Rosciano institution to take due actions which resulted in the seizure of a temporary structure built by SDT (joint venture betweenn Leghorn-based TDT and Sintermar) on the Western side of Darsena Toscana.

The fact was denounced by  Gruppo Onorato, which believed AdSP had infringed the exclusive passengers trade management to be controlled by Porto di Livorno 2000, adjudicated Onorato-Aponte as from last summer (as Sinergest-Moby-LTM-Marinvest, holding 66%); unexpectedly freezing the concession to Moby-MSC.

Last December Leghorn Harbour Master rejected hosting the Hoegh Singapore, chartered in by Grimaldi to discharge 1,000 vehicles, at Molo Italia public quay.

Angelo Scorza


Accord sealed between Grimaldi and CPL Livorno: an engagement before the wedding?

Baldissara and Raugei sealed a long term agreement to provide for the disembarkation of ‘Neapolitan’ cars in Leghorn at Darsena Toscana East

Grimaldi Lines’s spokeperson confirmed press leaks reported by Messaggero Marittimo.

Naples-based shipping company, hurt by unfair behaviours which hampered port operations, determined appointing CPL Compagnia Portuale di Livorno to discharge the MSC Cristina.

The car carrier chartered in by Grimaldi, banned by Harbour Master from mooring at Molo Italia, headed for quay 15C of Darsena Toscana East.

The accord between the two companies was sealed by Costantino Baldissarra (Grimaldi) and Enzo Raugei (CPL) and, according to reliable sources, it could be an enduring agreement for the MSC, considering cars trade in Leghorn is expected to grow and the quay seems to be the most adequate.

Enzo Raugei illustrates the terms of the accord: “Regarding the attempted discharge of the MSC Cristina, I wish to pinpoint that CPL regularly provided CLIP art 16 service, in accordance with the existing contract.

The cars discharged from the afore mentioned ship were located inside Livorno Est terminal controlled by CILP, behind quay 15/C; this is essentially a customary shipment to Cilp, of which we hold 50% shares.

Furthermore, as CPL, we never cut ties with Grimaldi group, even after their decision to be served by another port operator; our major priority is ‘labour’ and Leghorn port ability to serve shipowners in compliance with regulations.

This is the guideline we’ve been following and intend following in the future”, concludes the President of Gruppo Compagnia Portuale Livorno.

Angelo Scorza