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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/05/18 11:00

VSL negotiated two ships' re-financing with Banco BPM

The private equity fund helmed by Fabrizio Vettosi was granted a better line of credit for the Giulia I and Serena R

La nave bulk carrier Serena R

As confirmed by the group helmed by Fabrizio Vettosi, private equity fund Venice Shipping&Logistics has recently negotiated re-financing for two ships controlled by Malta-based Eco Shipping Ltd and Serenissima Ltd.

“Eco Shipping and Serenissima BODs sealed refinancing contracts with BPM SpA (Banco BPM Group) targeting the subsequent restructuring plan of their complicated corporate structure, as laid down by Watson, Farley & Williams legal firm (with a team helmed by associate partner Furio Samela,  shipping & finance manager, supported by senior associate Michele Autuori and associate partners Emanuele Caretti and Antonella Barbarito)”.

The deal, co-ordinated by Banco BPM corporate division, managed by Luca Manzoni, supported by Massimiliano Milani, will grant VSL to further maximize assets performance (the Giulia I and Serena R are managed by Ishima - Gruppo d'Amico), through higher financial flexibility provided by a more competitive deal, compared to previous financing agreement negotiated with ABN Amro.

“Current contract definitely confirms the Italian Bank System's increased attention towards this strategic sector, while also showing that two traditional international lenders have been replaced by an Italian group”, concludes Venice Shipping&Logistics.


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