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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/04/18 11:27

Visentini says farewell to the ship which supported the Italian Army

Rovigo-native shipowner sold ro-ro Maior while announcing they will order Avic a new unit

La nave ro-ro Maior

After 26 years operation for the Ministry of Defence, ro-ro Maior of Giovanni Visentini Trasporti Fluviomarittimi was sold South American buyers.

As announced by shipowner Giovanni Visentini recalling that this unit was built by the family-run yard in 1991 while subsequently he personally met the Minister of Defence in Rome to suggest the Maior as logistic service provider to transfer military vehicles from mainland Italy to Sardinia, actually hosting some of the most renowned shooting areas in Europe.

“After six months trial the ship was chartered in by the Italian Army until today, transferring military vehicles in the world”, pinpoints Visentini, without hiding his pride.

The ship transferred the Italian military forces to Somalia, Kosovo, Lebanon and other conflict areas in the world, carrying road vehicles, helicopters and  military tanks (major characteristic is a garage reaching six meters in height)”.

Since the late 90s the ship was supported by a second unit but some time ago the Defence determined that the service had to be provided by ships built after 1995 and called a new tender.

“For this reason the contract sealed with the Ministry of Defence was terminated and the Major was sold a service provider operating along the Rio de la Plata in South America”, continues the entrepreneur, adding that today the two ships operating for the Defence, which sealed a contract with Saima Avandero, are ro-ro Excellent (still owned by Visentini) and a Cobelfret-owned unit.

Sale price is seemingly reaching 3 million dollars.

Regarding new investments, Giovanni Visentini Trasporti Fluviomarittimi is getting ready to take delivery, on April 19th, of the first ro-ro ship ordered Chinese Avic shipyard to be chartered in by Grendi Trasporti Marittimi to operate between Marina di Carrara and Cagliari.

“The ship has recently passed sea trial showing higher performance than expected”, illustrates Visentini enhancing her technical features, such as a loading ramp preventing bottlenecks during loading and discharge operations, 3 tons/square metre loading capacity and 7 metres height.

The ship, renamed Rosa dei Venti, will be capable to carry 1,100 containers or 2,500 linear metres.

“Many companies in Northern Europe are interested in this ship, if I seal a 3-5 year charter contract I will order a new unit, even Avic yard seems to be interested in manufacturing other sister ships”.

Nicola Capuzzo

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