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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
12/06/11 13:15

Visemar discontinues the service

Turmoil in Syria prompts the Venice-based company to cease the weekly trade to Tartous and Alexandria

Slightly more than a year after its inauguration, Venice-based Visemar Line – a joint venture of the Visentini and Tositti families – will discontinue next month its weekly ro-pax trade to Syria and Egypt because of turmoil in the former country.
The passenger service Venice-Tartous-Alexandria-Venice has been halted since 1st June because of “worsening socio-political conditions” in Syria, informs a note of the company, while the cargo trade will be operated till end of June by ro-ro Cragside chartered from Maersk’s British subsidiary. Cragside (3,600 linear meters garage) will thus replace ro-pax Visemar One (2,800 linear meters garage), which meanwhile has been time chartered deck & engine for two years to Spanish company Balearia at 15,000 euros a day.
Thus, if the service is resumed in October, as stated by Visemar, it will arguably be operated by a third ship. As the situation in Syria is very unstable, the company is probably awaiting its developments before taking a final decision but, at the same time, it would have been imprudent to give up a biennial charter agreement.