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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/06/18 14:17

Tirrenia will double the Naples-Catania link

By adding a new ship, the service, launched few weeks ago, will become a daily line

Fully loaded ships and positive feedback from customers: Tirrenia is so proud of the new Naples-Catania link, launched a few weeks ago, to go doubling the service by deploying a further unit.

Formally launched on May 7th and operated by ro-pax Hartmut Puschmann (1993, capable to carry 1,650 metres linear cargo and 100 passengers) the new link joined a line already served by major operators, after shut down of New TTTLines, actually engaged on the Naples – Catania.

Besides Tirrenia, also Grimaldi is serving the same route with the regular Salerno-Catania link, intended to be switched to Naples by local AdSP to relieve traffic congestion in Salerno.

Nevertheless, during the first weeks, Tirrenia's line recorded very positive results: Onorato group announces they will deploy a new ship, probably Espresso series, granting a daily rotation in both directions.

By deploying two sister units, six weekly rotations will be granted in both directions, said the group helmed by Vincenzo Onorato, adding they determined doubling the Naples-Catania link due to the  excellent results recorded by the service during the first three weeks operation: over 80% booking ratio (record-breaking figures for a newly launched link).

Meanwhile, Genoa-Leghorn-Catania link, whose trade volumes soared by 113% last May versus  former year, will record 145% annual growth while the company is evaluating to stretch the line to Malta.


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