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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/10/19 10:59

Tirrenia’s last Viamare unit to be disposed of soon

CIN is thought to be about to sell the unit Beniamino Carnevale to a Northern European shipowner. According to rumours, it is negotiating the sale of 3 ferries with DFDS

Despite its legal vicissitudes between Rome and Milan – three weeks ago the Court of Rome rejected the request for preventive seizure submitted by Tirrenia under Extraordinary Administration, while the Court of Milan just postponed the hearing related to the bankruptcy petition filed against the group by several bondholders investment funds; and next week they will the discuss the feasibility of the Moby-CIN reverse mergers, objected by the bad company – the shipping group belonging to Vincenzo Onorato is sticking to its 2019-2021 business plan, summarized in its 2018 financial statements.

In the document drawn up last spring, they explained that the financial restructuring strategy provides for the disposal of 7 owned units by the end of the year. Since then, they sold the ro-ro unit Barbara Krahulik to TT Line, and the ferries Moby Aki and Moby Wonder to DFDS.

According to Shipshore’s sources, CIN Tirrenia’s last owned ro-ro unit Beniamino Carnevale belonging to the Viamare class built in the first half of the Nineties is about to be sold to a Northern European shipowner.

The disposal, which was not confirmed by Moby and CIN, falls within a renewal operation of the cargo fleet: in the previous months, out of the Viamare ships inherited by Tirrenia, besides the aforesaid Barbara Krahulik unit, Onorato had sold also Puglia and Hartmut Puschmann.

As concerns ferries, according to rumours several Danish representatives of DFDS recently inspected CIN’s ferries Raffaele Rubattino, Athara and Sharden. The possible transfer of these units – also through a swap as in the case of the previous one – would complete the disposal plan provided for by the 2018 financial statements. However, as for the units Wonder and Aki, bondholders will probably object to the disposals.


Andrea Moizo


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