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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
14/05/18 09:53

Tirrenia launched Naples-Catania and Naples-Malta links

The ro-pax Hartmut Puschmann will cover the service offered by Moby’s subsidiary

As anticipated by Ship2Shore, Tirrenia's new line Naples-Catania was officially announced by the Onorato Group's subsidiary.

The shipping group announced the implementation of its service providing for 6 trips per week: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday night from the port of Naples, arriving in Catania at mid-morning, and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night from Catania.

Ship2shore had already revealed that the link would have been provided with the unit Hartmut Puschmann, built in 1993, with a 1,650 meter linear load capacity and a 100 passengers capacity.

The new service that, according to the shipping group's estimation, can transport some 300,000 heavy vehicles per year – removing them from the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway – will be supplemented with a new service between Naples and Malta "through transhipment, with 6 trips and alternate departures on Monday, Wednesday and Friday". The owned unit operating on this route will be similar to the vessel Hartmut Puschmann.

"The commercial success achieved in Sicily is not only due to trade or marketing policies, but it results from a relationship with road hauliers based on the ability and determination to understand their needs and find relevant technical solutions", the group's Deputy Chairman and Sales Manager Alessandro Onorato observed.

Onorato Group, which at the end of 2016 had launched the Genoa-Livorno-Catania-Malta connection with Tirrenia, deploying the units Via Adriatico and Eliana Marino, explained that, due to the increasing demand on this route "we have progressively increased our load offer, deploying two 3,500 linear meters units".

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