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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
10/09/18 09:53

Tirrenia-Grimaldi dispute continues online website published two petitions on Italian seafarers and territorial continuity public convention

The enduring (now it is three years) dispute between Grimaldi and Moby groups is continuing online.

Early in August Vincenzo Onorato started an online petition on international website “to

protect Italian seafarers' work on board ships flying the Italian flag and compliance with the Italian collective seafarers agreement for extra-EU workers”.

The petition has been achieving the envisaged success, in fact it gathered overall 25,000 required signatures therefore setting 35,000 new target.

The new initiative started few days after the launching of the new ro-ro Maria Grazia Onorato regarded by shipowner as a flagship in the dispute supporting Italian seafarers.

After few days, the leader of Unidos Mauro Pili's movement launched a petition against Tirrenia on the same website ( requesting Minister for Transport Danilo Toninelli to withdraw the existing convention adjudicated to Moby group's subsidiary covering Sardinia-mainland lines.

“Sky-high fares are listed among the primary reasons for a severely affected tourist season – Pili said – a 4 people family (2 adults and 2 children) would pay 1,000 Euro on the Genoa-Olbia-Genoa link”.

According to Pili, sharing the same battle with Grimaldi group, “the government must withdraw the convention as provided for by art.15 and attachments, thereafter envisaging a real territorial continuity supporting economic and social development on the island”.

Even this petition gathered over 16,000 signatures in a week and after having reached 25,000, is currently targeting 50,000 supporters.

Moby's managing director, Achille Onorato, recalled that Tirrenia's summer lines to Sardinia are not supported by any state-subsidy to grant territorial continuity, also adding that: “Everybody targets fully-booked ships, lengthening tourist season in Sardinia and further cut fares which are currently among the lowest on the market, if compared to other tourist locations”.

Finally, regarding State convention (72 million Euro/year), “state subsidy is allocated on specific lines and months: during summer season our shipping lines to Sardinia compete in the free market”, concludes Onorato.



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