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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/09/18 10:57

The shipbuilding industry drives Italian export

SACE certifies soaring half-year results: USA and Switzerland are the leading Made-in Italy destinations

Italian export grew monthly and across the whole semester, being particularly driven by extra-EU destinations and shipbuilding sales (to the United States and Switzerland)”.

As reported by SACE, Italian export credit Agency, export trend for Italian-made products showed positive results (finished and semi-finished have substantially grew, while equipment recorded some problems).

The shipbuilding sector achieved particularly positive results, particularly focusing on USA and Switzerland which actually headquarter Fincantieri's leading cruiseships customers – Carnival group and MSC Crociere of Gianluigi Aponte, – shipbuilding segment which generated the highest made-in-Italy revenues.

Last June the Italian export grew by 6.6% versus 2017 and by 4.6% versus May 2018, while the whole figures recorded in 2018 first semester grew by 3.7%, SACE reported.

Italian goods' demand is driven by other EU countries (overall 5.1%), with the Netherlands ranked first (+12.7%), followed by Poland, the Czech Rep., Germany, France and Austria; while the extra-EU demand has soared from +0.6% to +1.9%.

Outside the European Union, India and Switzerland are top Made-in-Italy destinations, particularly focusing on cars, electrical devices, machineries, metal and textile products (the latter in the Czech Rep).

In June 2018 Italian products' import in Turkey dropped due to the Turkish currency collapse.


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