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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
27/12/17 11:08

The other Matacena was sentenced and his shipping business seized

The fugitive politician-shipowner was subject to seizure and confiscation amounting to 10 million euro, including last ferry of Amadeus Spa and Meridiano Lines

The assets seized from Amedeo Matacena, amounting to 10 million euro, include also the ferry connecting Calabria and Sicily.

The Reggio Calabria Anti-mafia Investigation Department executed the seizure and confiscation measure issued by the Court of Assizes of Appeal against the shipowner and former Member of Parliament, fugitive in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) since four years.

Having been sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment by the Court of Cassation for external participation in mafia association in 2014, Matacena was identified as the political reference of Reggio Calabria 'ndrangheta, that in 1994 helped him being elected to the Chamber of Deputies and provided him political and diplomatic assistance to avoid arrest and run away.

The entrepreneur was then subject to several warrants of pre-trial detention for the crime of false registration of assets. In June 2017 the Court of Reggio Calabria ordered the seizure of Matacena's financial assets and of his real estate abroad.

The Court of Assizes of Appeal just ordered the seizure and confiscation of 12 companies (4 with registered office in Italy, and 8 abroad) and of his financial assets in foreign banks.

The seizure and confiscation include 25 buildings and the 8,100 GT ship Amedeo Matacena, that operated on behalf of the companies Amadeus Spa and Meridiano Shipping (in which Matacena was Diano Shipping's partner) under the brands Matacena and Servizi Autostrade del Mare.

The latter was joined by the units Athos Matacena and Ladies Matacena, that are not subject to the  preventive seizure and confiscation measure as they had been disposed of five years ago to be scrapped abroad.


Angelo Scorza


Matacena's relatives distanced themselves from the shipowner sentenced in absentia

During the first meeting of Caronte & Tourist's employees, the Sicilian-Calabria company presented the results achieved and its ongoing development projects, clarifying its relations with their cousin who left the company


Amedeo Gennaro Raniero Matacena is son of homonymous Amedeo (passed away in 2003) who founded Caronte – one of the leader ferry companies in the Strait of Messina – with his brother Elio (who died in 2012) in the early ‘60, to be soon joined by its competitor Tourist Ferry Boat in the merged Caronte & Tourist (Cartour group).

During its annual meeting aboard Cartour Delta moored in Messina, Caronte & Tourist – a leader shipping company boasting 1,200 employees and a 250 million Euro turnover - distanced itself; the Group's staff and communication manager Tiziano Minuti explained their relations with Amedeo Matacena “who was erroneously regarded by the media as being close to Caronte & Tourist, which actually belongs to Gennaro Matacena's families and to Giuseppe Franza's heirs. Amedeo Matacena left the company in the ‘90, while Tourist Ferry Boat's shareholder recently involved in judicial vicissitudes Francantonio Genovese is not participating in the company's management”.

On November 6th Caronte & Tourist was included in the prestigious Italian Stock Exchange Elite programme for companies with a high growth potential to help them finding investors.

Following the acquisitions of past two years, the group reorganized it governance.

Ferry services in the Strait are operated by Caronte & Tourist SpA, with Chairman Antonino Repaci, Deputy Chairman Olga Mondello Franza and Managing Director Calogero Famiani.

As regards Transportation to and from Sicily's Minor Islands, Vincenzo Franza is Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori S.p.A.'s Chairman, with Deputy Chairman Lorenzo Matacena and Managing Director Edoardo Bonanno.

Within the Cabotage division, the Chairman is Lorenzo Matacena, with Deputy Chairman Pietro Franza and Managing Director Luigi Genghi.

Angelo Scorza

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