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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 15:14

The Italian Government applies for enforcing the ECA across the Mediterannean

By 2023 ships emissions won't have to exceed 0.1% sulphur content

After France and Spain, Italy confirmed they will support the development of an ECA (Emission Control Area) zone in the Mediterranean, on which 0.1% sulphur content cap, on marine fuel e,issions, will be accepted.

The same regime has already been adopted in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and along North America's Western and Eastern Coasts.

While attending Metz G7 Environmental convention, our Minister for the environment, Sergio Costa, met his peer De Rugby, deciding to develop a joint initiative aimed at establishing an ECA area across the whole Mediterranean.

“In order to finally cut marine fuel emissions and prevent an harmful impact on the marine environment and citizens' health”, states the Minister.

They target developing a proposal highlighting the Mediterranean as an ECA area to be introduced  before IMO.

Minister Costa also pinpointed this initiative must include adequate measures to consent the simultaneous upgrade of infrastructural and operational infrastructures of shipping companies operating in Italy and Mediterranean Countries, so as to be ready when the Eca area will start operating (seemingly by 2023).