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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/05/18 10:22

The Greek Propeller Club celebrated the Italian Coast Guard

The patrol boat CP 265 was decorated at the Piraeus port by the Greek authorities for its mission in the Aegean sea

At the Port of Piraeus, the crew of the CP 265 patrol boat operated by the Coast Guards of Vibo Valentia Marina and currently working in a reconnaissance and rescue mission in the Aegean sea, received a recognition by the International Propeller Club Port of Piraeus for its professionalism and commitment to safeguard human life at sea, in cooperation with the Greek Coast Guard in the J.O. Poseidon 2018 operation of the European agency Frontex.

The Italian patrol boat commanded by the first marshal Paolo Fedele was transferred from the General Command of the Coast Guard to Mytilene from March the 1st to April the 30th 2018 to participate in the patrolling of borders ordered by Frontex in the Aegean sea, in particular in the stretch of sea between Greece and Turkey.

The boat rescued some 400 migrants, carrying out 38 missions and travelling some 7,000 miles. During said operation, 7 people were detained for judicial police investigation activities.

The ceremony was attended by Tyrrhenian Calabria and Basilicata maritime Director, Rear-Admiral Giancarlo Russo representing the General Command of the Coast Guard, as well as by the managers of the Greek Coast Guard, the Minister of the Greek Merchant Navy Panagiotis Kouroumblis, the Italian ambassador in Greece Efisio Luigi Marras and the honorary Consul at Piraeus Mauro Renaldi.

Before the event, during a meeting with the Rear-Admiral Giancarlo Russo, the Italian ambassador in Greece Marras, the Commander of the Greek Coast Guard vice-admiral Stamatios Raptis and the defence officer at the Italian Embassy colonel Enrico Frasson, the Greek minister expressed his gratitude for the work of the Italian and Greek Coast Guards. During the solemn ceremony held on the quay in front of the Ministry of the Merchant Navy, the president of the International Propeller Club Port of Piraeus George C. Xiradakis delivered the recognition to the CP 265 Commander. Fedele a to all its crew.

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