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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/07/19 11:04

The Antitrust Authority blasts Costa Crociere

The company was ordered 2 million Euro sanctions for not having promptly notified their new itineraries after 2017 Madagascar epidemic plague


ACGM ordered 2 million Euro sanctions to Costa Crociere for having developed an unfair marketing policy on two 2017 cruises.

The two trips called 'neoRiviera' and 'Paradisi sul mare', respectively launched in October and November 2017, envisaged  calling Madagascar, which was then hurt by plague epidemic and health emergency.

The company, accused by some passengers, was sanctioned for not having provided “proper and prompt information on facts and having subsequently hampered customers' rights in relation to the new scheduling”.

In essence, after the plague started in August 2017, Costa Crociere had changed both cruises' programme.

The neo Riviera passengers were informed after the trip had already started, while Itinerario Paradisi sul mare 's passangers were informed soon before departure date.

Moreover, the company was also criticized because they continued selling and promoting the two cruises including Madagascar, even after health emergency press-release was issued by Malta-based Authority and by the Italian Ministry for health, without mentioning any potential amendments to the programme.

The Authority pinpointed they didn't complain for the occurred amendments (justified by the  emergency) but for the way the new conditions and procedures were notified to customers, which had the right to terminate the contract or buy the cruise without stopping in Madagascar.


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