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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/10/18 11:04

The 12 hostages of the Glarus were finally freed (upon ransom?)

Swiss shipping company Massoel gave no details of the operations leading to the release of the crew in order "not to encourage further criminal acts of this kind"

Although there has been no official declaration on this matter, seemingly it was a ransom paid to the terrorists to sort out the delicate situation of the 12 hostages of the Swiss-flagged bulker Glarus who were kidnapped one month ago offshore the Guinea Gulf, West Africa.

After four weeks of almost total silence, the crisis management company entrusted to act as official spokesperson sent a statement at the end of last week: “Massoel, owners of bulk carrier Glarus, is delighted to report that 12 of its much-valued seafarers who were taken hostage by a criminal gang on September 22, off Lagos, Nigeria, have now been freed by their captors. Having undergone medical checks, they are now on their way home to their countries of origin to rejoin their families. The Glarus was attacked by a criminal gang on September 22, who cut through razor wire to board the 46,514 dwt bulk vessel when on passage from Lagos to Port Harcourt. Following the attack 12 of the 14 crew members were taken off the ship and held hostage by the criminals. All the appropriate authorities were immediately informed and Massoel worked with experienced professionals to secure the release of their seafarers”.

Massoel thanked all those who played an integral part in the safe release of those taken hostage but added: “No details of the operations leading to the release of the hostages will be provided, as to do so would only encourage further criminal acts of this kind”.

A statement not even too much cryptic that seems to confirm the ipothesis of the payment made to sort out the blackmail and thus win this nervous game of chess against the raptors with a stake as much high as a dozen human lives.

“We wish to acknowledge the professionalism and stoicism of the crew during their ordeal and also that of their families, all who have been through a traumatic and challenging time. Massoel salutes their bravery and will be providing the support required to those involved in the coming months” concluded the statement released by MTI Network.

Angelo Scorza


TAG : Security