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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/07/18 10:57

Tarros reorganizes its coverage in the Adriatic while expanding in East Med

Spezia-based company is launching new services in collaboration with Evergreen and Arkas and has established a new agency in Beirut

After having strengthened its historical GPS service between Eastern and Western Mediterranean, operated in partnership with Arkas, Tarros is now turning to the Adriatic rearranging the service currently operated in partnership with the Turkish group.

After having diverted their ship deployed on this line to the Great Pendulum Service (5th containership serving the rotation), Spezia-based company determined to diversify their presence in the area, currently served by two slot-charter agreements (with Evergreen and Arkas) heading for various regions.

In partnership with Tarros, they will provide the new ADL (Adriatic – Levant service) which, as from July 6th, will ensure the following weekly rotation: Venice (Vecon terminal), Koper, Ancona (ACT of Frittelli),the Piraeus (with transshipments to other destinations provided by Evergreen), El Dekheila, Beirut, Izmir, the Piraeus and again Venice.

The service will be served by container ships with 1,700 TEU capacity, like the A.Obelix.

The connection with Arkas, obviously pivoting on Turkish ports, will call at: Koper – Venice (TIV) – Ancona (ACT) – Istanbul – Yarimca – Gemlik – Aliaga and finally Koper again.

A weekly line engaging the Inga A and Natalia A, both 1,139 TEU capacity, suited to handle high cube, palletwide and other non-standard shipments.

Still regarding the East Med, Tarros has also opened a new agency based in Beirut to directly manage its activities in Lebanon and Syria. Operating from today, 2 July, Tarros Phoenicia "will offer our customers in both countries, as well as in Italy and throughout the Mediterranean, better commercial and operational assistance", explained Giovanni Bandini, sales and marketing manager of Spezia-based group.

Francesca Marchesi

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