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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/04/18 09:53

Tailor made & worldwide services: Acquera wins luxury shipowners over

Tositti established a group to provide services to the yachting sector with two departments and with an ambitious business plan aiming at opening branches all over the world

Naples – Will luxury save the world?

According to the figures disclosed by the newly established Acquera Group's CEO Stefano Tositti, it seems that luxury will definitely save the yachting world.

As a matter of fact, the over 30 meters vessels (i.e. mega-yachts) sector grows by 172 units, i.e. 3% per year, providing significant profits.

Among the current 5,300 units, 64% (3,153) are 30-45 meters long yachts, 18% (976) are vessels over 45 meters and the remaining 8% is represented by sailing boats.

Moreover, the length is increasing steadily as in 2015 the most requested category was that of 45 meters long vessels, while in 2016 it changed to the 49 meters category, and in 2017 to the 53 meters one.

This amounts to a 22 billion euro market value, divided as follows: 12 billion for the property, 3 for the use and 7 for the management.

During the summer season, Italy boasts an average 1,200 yachts in transit, followed by Greece (1,100), Spain and France (900), and Monaco (800).

Being quite experienced in this industry, Tositti launched a project based in Venice and Naples, where he also started the preliminary procedures to take over the Greek company J&K, granting Acquera a better market performance in both departments.

The first department, Acquera Yachting, will provide 24-hours tailored luxury services ranging from travel agency services to jet rentals in the Mediterranean, and in the next years also overseas.

Starting from Venice and having already opened several offices in the chief Italian ports, including the main islands, in the next months the group will open new branches in several Mediterranean areas to supplement its Italian network. Its business plan provides for the opening of several offices by 2023, first across Europe and then in the USA, before expanding in Asia and in the rest of the world.

To these shipowners, the second department Acquera Experience will offer also the possibility to join a proper club, whose members will be able to enjoy unique worldwide experiences. “After a close examination of the luxury and lifestyle sectors related to yachting, we came to the conclusion that so far nobody really focused on this specific segment. Acquera Experience aims at creating unique and unforgettable experiences for our shipowners and their guests”, Tositti explained.

As a matter of fact, the luxury tourism sector is witnessing a 6.2% increase per year, amounting to 399 billion, therefore Acquera Deputy Chairman Carlo Greco is right in saying that “it is better to operate in a small market with large numbers, than in a large market with small numbers”. 

Acquera is planning to establish two offices in the Campania Region (one in Naples and the other in Marina di Stabia), with the Central Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority President Pietro Spirito's approval, who explained that “our infrastructures are able to face the luxury challenge, both in Naples and Salerno or Castellammare and, as soon as possible, also at San Vincenzo Pier.

We will soon publish the results of a study clearly showing that, upon a significant demand from these shipowners, adequate services to meet their needs are lacking. This means that there is a lot of work to do, therefore we can still witness a significant growth”. 

Cristina Cennamo

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