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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/11/17 08:44

Small green ships for Balearia

An eco fast ferry, built by Gondan shipyard, is to be added to Eivissa-Formentera line in December, first out of four sister vessels

An ‘eco’ fast ferry is to be added to Eivissa-Formentera line in December by Balearia

This vessel, with a capacity for 350 passengers and maximum speed of 28 knots, is the first of a series of 4 being built by the Asturian shipbuilder Gondan of Spain, which stand out due to their eco-efficiency, design, accessibility and sailing comfort. The new vessels will also feature an innovative wave-piercing prow equipped with side water drainage tunnels that ease navigation in adverse sea conditions to ensure passenger comfort.

The Chairman of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, highlighted the energy efficiency of the vessels “due to their design and drive system, the use of renewable energies and the materials used to make them”. The boats in the new series will have photovoltaic solar power panels to supply energy for onboard services and the hulls will be made of fiberglass reinforced polyester which does not require any paint, making it more environmentally-friendly. Moreover, they will be propelled by next generation engines which minimize contaminating gas emissions meaning “the 4 eco fast ferries will be the most eco-efficient of their kind right now,” emphasized Utor.

With these new additions to the fleet, which will have a length of 28 meters and a beam of 9 meters, Baleària is making a qualitative jump in its transportation services between Eivissa and Formentera by combining reliability, comfort and speed with respect for the environment. The small vessels, which will be equipped with 270 indoor seats and 80 outdoor seats, will also feature innovative audiovisual content in order to offer passengers added value during their 30-minute trips.

In line with Baleària’s commitment to the environment, the shipping company has decided to baptize the four new boats with the names of the four elements comprising nature according to traditionalists: Eco AQUA, Eco TERRA, Eco AIRE and Eco LUX.

The Spanish company is also building other smart ferries propelled by liquefied natural gas.


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