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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/01/18 10:44

Six decades of cathodic protection for the shipping sector and ports

Polipodio group celebrated its 60th anniversary within the shipping and offshore industry services with a great family party

The company Enrico Polipodio, including eighty-year old Bruno and Enzo (the sons of its founder), and the family members forming its current top management organised a great family party to celebrate their first 60 years of activity.

“Last December the 22nd, during our Christmas party held in our premises, we celebrated also our 60th anniversary: 1957-2017. We invited our former collaborators who contributed to the achievement of this excellent result, recalling the title of 'master of Labour' awarded to our former foundry head in May 2017, who was replaced by his son. We are proud of our achievement and we wanted to celebrated it with those who helped us reaching it”, Guido Polipodio explained to Ship2Shore, showing their publication commemorating the company's 60 years of activity.

In 1953, Enrico Polipodio opened a foundry for the working of bronze to build screw propellers, while in 1957 the company entered the cathodic protection sector, which became its bread & butter activity. In 1990, with its third generation, the company entered the oil sector, applying cathodic protection also to the oil industry.

In 1996, Enrico Polipodio Srl was awarded the 9001 corporate certificate, followed by the 14001 environmental corporate certificate four years later.

In the past decade, the Genoese group, headquartered in the industrial repairs area within the port of Genoa, consolidated its presence in Italy and expanded abroad, establishing its subsidiary EST Engineering Ship Technology Pte Ltd in Singapore.

The company is currently working in four main areas: cathodic protection, ship repairs, Oil & Gas maintenance and yacht services.

During its 60 years within the cathodic protection sector, E. Polipodio gathered specific data and experience to focus on all the aspects aiming at preventing corrosion of metal surfaces in contact with sea water. Besides technical assistance provided to its customers, the experience gained allowed the company to develop its impressed current cathodic protection system Fonpmatic, as an alternative to traditional galvanic anode systems, which is equally effective and tested over the 30 years following the installation of its first system.

The other systems developed by Polipodio are Afoulmatic, C-Ecmatic, Monitoring, besides a series of systems and applications related to cathodic protection for gas and oil pipelines, aqueducts and off-shore platforms.

“Our long experience within the marine, oil and industrial sectors related to cathodic protection, and in particular to monitoring and control of phenomena related to it, allowed us to apply part of our know-how to the boating sector, from steel and aluminium mega yachts to luxury fiberglass yachts”, the Polipodio brothers explained.

However, their services are not only for vessels. “Since most port facilities such as wharfs, quays, sheet pilings etc... are made of steel and immersed in sea water, they need to be protected from marine corrosion because they are expected to last long (usually over 20 years). Our experience and the technology that we have long been applying to the offshore facilities sector allowed us to develop suitable solutions to protect port facilities. One of the most widespread methods to protect wharf and quay poles consists in using galvanic anodes (mainly in aluminium or zinc alloy).

Alternatively, there is also an active method, i.e. the impressed current system, whose immersed components (anodes and reference cells) are created to fit the facility and ensure the correct distribution of the protective current on the whole surface. During the design phase, we identify the most suitable installation for our customers”, the Liguria-based company – with a two figures million euro turnover, 50% of which resulting from exportations, and over 50 employees – concluded.

Angelo Scorza

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