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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
10/09/18 10:29

Shipowners versus Bankers

A shipping football tradition in Hamburg has been renovated once more with a charity match

The Adolf-Jäger-Kampfbahn in Altona, a posh district in Hamburg, on September 5th, was once again the venue for a true football tradition in shipping that has been renovated.

The so-called derby Shipowners vs. Bankers decided on the grass who has the sporting edge in Hamburg's maritime industry.

Bankers were expected to create a new sensation after their surprise success in 2016; however statistics are clear and crude, since 2010 shipowners have been able to win the game 7 times and are therefore an obvious favourite on the green track, having lost only once in the last 8 years.

This year participants were kindly asked to donate generous funds for seafarers’ mission Duckdalben.

During the match and at the after-show party, spectators could look forward to free food and drink and also participate in the raffle for a bottle of Gin Sul from the Altonaer spirits factory by handing in their business card before the start of the match, donated by the flag of Portugal.

The shipowners’ team was led by Holger Strack (Zeaborn) and made of Justin Archard (SAL), Patrick Barao Martins (MACS), Jan Barthel (Peter Döhle), Stefan Bartsch (MACS) Marcus van Dalen (Euromar), Holger Glandien (MPC Ahrenkiel), Albrecht Gundermann (Euromar), Martin Harren (Harren & Partner), Jörg Jacobsen (Danz & Tietjens), Tobias Janning (Nordic), Rene Kluth (Columbia), Christian Kockentiedt (Elbracht), Sven Kruse (TB Marine), Igor Popovs (TB Marine), Constantin Rathgens (Kapital Kontor), Alex Stoldt (Orion), Holger Strack (Zeaborn), Detlev Struck (Ernst Russ), Heiner Thormälen (NSB), Oliver Tiedchen (Nordic), Stefan Winkel (TB Marine), Matti Wurzel (Columbia)

The bankers’s team was headed for the 13th time in a row by Oliver Trennt (UniCredit) and made of Sabsoun Mangal (Berenberg Bank), Kjetil Eskerud (Credit Suisse), Stephan Vetter (KfW), Constantin Geyer (KfW), Eik Schuppan (hsh pm AöR), Jens Taubken (DVB Bank), Sybren Hoekstra (Northern Shipping), Martin Wendt (HSH Nordbank), Matthias Happich (HSH Nordbank) Falk Zundel (HSH Nordbank), Erwin Keller (NIBC), Michael de Visser (NIBC), Jan Mollenhauer (Nord LB), Thomas Fischer (Nord LB), Tobias Palm (Nord LB), Sebastian Schubert (Nord LB), Oliver Trennt (UniCredit)

The referees were all from the bankers’s side: Marc Richter (HSH Nordbank), Assistenten: Rüdiger Frank (HSH Nordbank), Christian Lüders (Commerzbank).

Who can tell have they been truly neutral?

Angelo Scorza