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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/04/19 11:34

Shipmanagement: recent history and present developments

A perusal of the sector by Fabio Torriani, Head of Procurement & Crew Manager, Shi.E.L.D. Services srl

The recent history and present developments of shipmanagement is the title of an article written by an expert such as Fabio Torriani, Head of Procurement & Crew manager, Shi.E.L.D. Services Srl, who made a thorough presentation of the newco.

Based in Milan, this is a company set up as a spin-off of Coeclerici Logistics, following the sale of all vessels from the group owned by Paolo Clerici and the consequent winding up of the department as well as of the technical and operating staff.

Run by CEO Corrado Cuccurullo, Shi.E.L.D. is therefore made of self-employed, former employees at Coeclerici Logistics, who have jointly created the new venture and took over the management of the same vessels that were sold last year.


In the old maritime tradition of the most important shipping nations, from North Europe as Norway, Germany United Kingdom and France and from the Mediterranean sea, like Greece, Italy and Spain,the ship-ownership coincides with Management in the same person or Company.

After many years, the shipping environment has changed with deep modification in Companies structures and organization; the second generation of Owners, in Far East, but also in North Europe, Greece and Italy, has become more familiar in Business and Finance but less involved in direct ship management.

Consequently, inside the shipping Companies, Owners and Managers are involved directly in strategies, marketing finance, sale and purchase and accounting, while the other shipping activities as crew personnel management, technical management, ship operations, purchasing and certifications activities have been assigned and/or delegated to outside personnel.

So little by little, inside Owners offices, the personnel directly involved in ship management has been highly reduced, and often only with supervision tasks.

Accordingly starting from 70s-80s in the shipping industry, we have witnessed the spread of a new important actor, the Ship Manager.

Such a process has been subsidized and helped, by other factors like globalization, foreign Flag adoptions with more convenient taxation and limited constraint on crew nationality, new technologies application, development of more complex new standard and regulations, frequent change of Ownership and external investors like private equity funds.

All such events have introduced the needs, for ships management, to have more complex professionality and meantime to grant and carry out more professional services. The new required professionality and organization risks to raise dramatically the management cost that, in shipping industry, shall be strictly kept within the limited budget.

The Ship Managers always work within a fixed budget, as required by their Shipman contracts, granting a closer control on expenses. Therefore, long terms relationship between Owners and Ship Managers, more confidence and trust grant more effectiveness and adoption of strategical decision and targeted investments to improve Owners profit, safety and achieve cost reduction.

The most important factors that led a Ship Owners to look for and appoint a Ship Management are expertise, tailor made services, high reputation, flexibility and specialised and quality services.

In some particular business and trading area, it is very important to know exactly the process, and Shi.E.L.D services has the right expertise to do so.

It is an Italian company born from Coeclerici Logistics Spa, with headquarters in Milan and Balik Papan. His CEO and all the personnel employed have worked for many years at Management level operating in bulk transhipments worldwide, in Europe, Far East Africa and South America.

Shi.E.L.D Services is focused to offer to his clients capability to design logistic solution for the commodities sector and supports the client during construction, operation and management stage of their assets, to ensure they always respects the environment, run in a safe and a cost efficient manner and are maintained so as to preserve their book value. Through our 20 year long expertise, efficiency and reliability we can help the Owners to achieve their goals!

Shi.E.L.D has matured the ability to find and select experienced and capable crew to be employed satisfactorily in transhipment activities, with mutual interest to a longer work relationship and high retention factor.

In such a way the cost for crew specific training and familiarization can be optimized, avoiding to repeat for continuous new joiners and employing well trained and inducted crew members reducing the incidence of injuries and loss of work time.

Providing comprehensive services, Shi.E.L.D grants to their Customers to utilize Shi.E.L.D deep experience, his contacts and good relationship with trusted partners, his Suppliers, his commercial agreement, his economies of scale, his volume discount.

Meantime the technical maintenances and the dry dock activities carried out by Shi.E.L.D represent not only a cost advantage but the chance to get planned and unplanned maintenances through proper and specific services and preventive checking, with particular care for such equipment that are more critical in transhipment business, transferring a continuous reporting communication flow to the Owners.

If necessary, occasional Ship Assesment or technical supervision during construction or repair/overhauling are carried out.

Additionally Shi.E.L.D Services is able to design and manage port infrastructure in connection with his partners specialized in cargo handling, to carry out design and maintenance of conveyors,stackers,reclaimers and shiploaders,to optimize loading/ unloading equipment, to optimize maintenance programs to reduce downtimes, and monitor capital and operating cost.

With more than 20 years of experience in the maritime logistics business, Shi.E.L.D Services can provide tailor made solutions for the logistic chain in the maritime transport services:

·        Feasibility studies for logistics projects, on-shore and off-shore

·        Design,build and operate transhipment vessels

·        Optimization of the logistic cycle

Therefore Shi.E.L.D is experienced in designing tailor made on-shore and off-shore equipment:

·         Design of mine and port infrastructures equipment

·        Design of vessel, ship system and cargo handling equipment

·        Design for conversion of ships into trasshipment vessels

Our motto is: “Make your job with passion and never give up”


Fabio Torriani