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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/07/19 12:18

Serious incident for a Synergas' ship in Turkey

A fire broke out on the LPG tanker Syn Zania, followed by an explosion, while it was in the port of Aliaga. One seaman passed away and the rest of the crew is "in good health"


On July the 1st, LPG tanker Syn Zania belonging to the Italian company Synergas suffered a very serious incident.

The unit was in the port of Aliaga, close to the Petkim/Socar terminal, carrying out loading operations when, at around 11 p.m., a fire broke out on board, followed by an explosion. The fire was extinguished in a few hours with the help of the port's fire-fighting units, but the incident caused the death of a seaman and serious damages to the ship. The company confirmed that "a crew member passed away during the post-evacuation phase due to unknown causes", pointing out that "the rest of the crew is well".

Several pictures and a video of the incident are already available in the Internet.

As reported by ANSA, Synergas summarized the incident as follows: "Late in the evening, a fire broke out on the ship SynZania while loading propylene. The captain and all the crew members carried out emergency manoeuvres to secure the ship, before being forced to abandon it. Unfortunately, during evacuation procedures, a crew member died due to unknown causes. The captain and the other 14 crew members are in good health". The company also mourned the death of the second engineer officer, assuring its "complete support" to his family and adding that its land-based team "activated the emergency room at the company's headquarters, remaining in contact with the captain and collaborating with competent authorities".

Synergas also pointed out to S2S that "as concerns the causes of the incident and the damage assessment", the company is "still waiting for the outcomes of the inspections and checks on board  that will be carried out shortly".

Built in 2008 by Pesaro-based Cantieri Navali, the LPG tanker Syn Zania flies the Italian flag and has a total capacity of some 4,007 cubic meters.

Francesca Marchesi

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