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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/07/18 11:11

San Giorgio del Porto listed in the European register of shipbreakers

Genoa-based shipyard, whose application (filed last January) might be endorsed by September, would be the first Mediterranean facility encompassed in the list

San Giorgio del Porto, had to wait for quite long before being registered in the list of shipbreakers authorized by Brussels, at least until last October, when the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport acknowledged European regulation n.1257/2013 about ships breaking and recycling.

The Government took several years to enforce Community regulations setting ship-breaking standards: the European regulation dates back to 2013, but domestic yards couldn't apply for being included in the white list of authorized structures until Rome determined enforcing the European rule, in October 2017 by issuing Ministerial decree “Administrative ships recycling procedures”.

Nevertheless, in January 2018, San Giorgio del Porto – as told Ship2Shore by a spokesperson of the company – encompassed in GIN's network (Genova Industrie Navali, holding controlled by the Garrè, Bisango  and Negri families), filed an application before the Ministry of infrastructures (entrusted to draw up the national register of ship-breakers and responsible for providing the related authorizations in Italy) for being listed within the European register.

According to Genoa-based company, San Giorgio del Porto should be encompassed within the European white list of authorized ship breakers during the next upgrade scheduled in September, thus turning SgdP into the sole authorized yard in the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, after the extraordinary dismantling of the Costa Concordia, Ente Bacini, company controlled by AdSP of the Western Ligurian Sea which controls Genoa port dry docks, targets joining the ship-breaking market.

Last June Ente Bacini, currently helmed by Gian Luigi Miazza, ex President of Savona Port Authority, had filed an Environmental integrated Authorization before Città Metropolitana di Genova for establishing a waste-water-treatment plant to support any ship-breaking activity in Genoa port”.

The procedure is ongoing (interested groups can file observation by August 25th), furthermore (Ed.) Ente Bacini is undoubtedly targeting a far wider strategy also encompassing San Giorgio del Porto as authorized ship-breaking yard.

The whole affair is encompassed in a far more intricate scenario, ensued from the need of granting concession on Genoa-based docks to private companies: the procedure called by the authority in February 2018, adjudicated the concession to the only bidding group, ATI (Associazione Temporanea d’Impresa) established by GIN (San Giorgio del Porto and T. Mariotti), Fincantieri and Amico & Co. Final adjudication was cancelled (as published in the subsequent weeks), by Liguria TAR, after the appeal filed by Polipodio, renowned shiprepair operator in Genoa.

Meanwhile during latest launching ceremony for the construction of Virgin Voyages' second ship  at Fincantieri Sestri Ponente, Paolo Emilio Signorini confirmed “we'll soon file an appeal before the Council of State against the decision taken by TAR”; disregarding the fact that, still according to the Authority, private companies involved (namely ATI and Polipodio; Ed) are attempting to seal an agreement.

Francesco Bottino

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