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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
28/01/19 14:47

Riding on the crest of wave for a decade, sailing as smooth as the oil

Integral Petroleum, founded in Geneva in 2008 by Murat and Shirin Seitnepesov, has kept apace the business plan of growth, in terms of river-sea going barges and tank wagons fleet as well as the oil trading development, that had been outlined earlier

In 2018 Integral Petroleum celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Over the last decade the company, founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2008 by Murat and Shirin Seitnepesov, a couple in life and business original from Ashgabat, capital city of Turkmenistan, became the largest crude oil trader in their own country, entered the Americas and Africa and developed new petrochemical markets.

Integral Petroleum has kept apace the business plan of growth, in terms of river-sea going barges and tank wagons fleet as well as the oil trading development, that had been outlined earlier.

“To mark our 10-year anniversary, in September we organized a special celebratory evening; guests from all over the world joined us for a gala event, and to liven up the celebration we organized an entertainment show with music and dance performances. One of the many highlights of the evening included a cake, decorated with the symbol of the company and Bengal fire; the anniversary of our company was joyous, especially because of all the kind, warm wishes and sincere smiles we received. Therefore, confident on this spring of energy and congratulations received, we look forward to next 10 years that will hopefully bring Integral Petroleum and our partners many new and interesting opportunities” the owners say.

The trading and logistics company is active primarily in the markets of Caspian Region, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Central America.

In 2015 Integral Petroleum became one of the largest exporters and logistics providers for crude oil and petroleum products originating from Caspian Region; in 2017 the company started a project in Mexico to assist oilfields operators and refined products importers in reaching international market.

“Integral Petroleum works with both top multinational corporations and regional players; first class banks enthusiastically finance our operations, and we have built long term relationships with key players including E&P companies, customers, terminal operators and authorities in these regions. Thanks to our trusted network of partners, we have excellent operational flexibility and expert local knowledge, which supports our unique and reliable logistics infrastructure, based on direct access to a wide range of inland and sea transportation facilities.

Indeed we aim to stay one of the largest exporters and logistics providers for crude oil, petroleum products and soft commodities from the Greater Caspian Region to the world and to develop product and geographical diversification by entering into other markets. To achieve this goal, we applied highly innovative strategies, which guarantee the efficient, resourceful and environmentally friendly supply of  commodities. Our worldwide relationships and connections help us to create long-term, sustainable solutions, with the goal to constantly enhance operational flexibility, manage and minimise operational risks and to focus on innovation and optimisation of business processes”.

The Swiss company participates in several global and regional organizations - including the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association; the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services; the International Commodities & Derivatives Association – and in 2016 became a member of World Economic Forum, while in 2017 joined the Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange.

“We are dedicated to trading petroleum commodities as efficiently and responsibly as possible. Our world-class team of trading professionals is well coordinated and benefits from local knowledge as well as international experience; we trade a variety of products including crude oil, fuel oil, base oil and other oil products, as well as metals and soft commodities. A well-coordinated professional team supported by sophisticated tools for trade and risk management benefits both from knowledge of international markets and long-term relationships with the key players. Our main activities are focused in the markets of Black Sea, Mediterranean, Caspian Sea and CIS countries. In 2016 we started geographical diversification by entering into other markets such as North America” continues CEO Murat Seitnepesov, who boasts a university degree in natural science from one of the leading universities in Russia and many years of successful experience in trading and logistics, networking and long-term professional relationships in the regions and in the industry.

“By lifting more 3.5 million metric tons per annum (it was only 800,000 tons in 2013, and between 2015 and 2016 the volume was doubled), we are one of the biggest off-takers of crude oil from Turkmenistan, moving volumes to international markets via different modes of transportation including pipelines, railway tank cars and ships.

Moreover, we buy a considerable amount of different petroleum products such as gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoil/ULSD, fuel oil, and base oil from the Turkmenbashi and Seidi refineries for further transport to global markets. In addition to petroleum products and various oil blends, IPSA trades petrochemicals and polymers, soft commodities and metals”.

Integral Petroleum has a global network of trusted partners and professionals, helping to ensure efficient and sustainable petroleum logistics, and benefits from a wide range of land and water transportation facilities, including river-sea type vessels and rail tank cars, which helps provide unique operational flexibility.

“We hold a few key logistics assets, including: a fleet of some 50 river-sea vessels under long-term time-chartered and voyage-chartered, flying flags of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, urkmenistan.

We signed transhipment agreements with key terminals at Baku, Sangachal, Dubendi, Batumi, Kulevi, Kavkaz, Makhachkala, Novorossiysk. We work with state railways tractionists of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Turkmenistan, having signed a direct agreement with the Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan.

The crude oil pipelines that we can utilize are: Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, Baku-Supsa, Baku-Shirvanovka-Novorossiysk, Makhachkala-Novorossiysk, CPC.
Finally, we have contracted storage facilities in Baku, Dubendi, Batumi, Kulevi and Makhachkala” concludes Seitnepesov, supported in the daily management by COO Umberto Battaglia, a very highly regarded professional with global experience of the European, Pacific and North American markets, who until recently was a member of  Italian major ENI's top management team.

Angelo Scorza

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