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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/04/19 12:50

Record revenues for MSC Cruises in 2018

The Swiss-Italian company closed the financial year with a 2,751 billion euro turnover (+21%), while net profits achieved 348 million (+12%)

MSC Cruises closed 2018 with a 2,751 billion Euro turnover, recording “the greatest increase in revenues ever”, i.e. 21% more compared to its 2,265 turnover of the previous year, therefore in line with the trend observed at the end of the first 9 months.

Thanks to MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview that were added to its fleet (in December 2017 and June 2018 respectively), the Swiss-Italian cruise line currently boasts 15 ships, which transported 2.4 million passengers (with an average age of 46), i.e. 20% more compared to 2017. Similarly, the overall capacity growth rate witnessed a 23% increase, from 12.4 to 15.2 million of low beds.

During the period, its EBITDA achieved 741 million euro (+32% against 561 of 2017), with a 27% margin EBITDA. Finally, its operating income increased by 32%, from 367 million in 2017 to 484 million in 2018 (being the fifth consecutive year of growth for this parameter), while net profits recorded a 12% increased, achieving 348 million Euro (against 311 million in 2017).

Last year was characterized by significant events, from the aforesaid MSC Seaview delivery to the contracts signed for the construction of the 2 LNG world class units, or the agreement entered into with Chantiers de l’Atlantique for the fifth Meraviglia.

As concerns Italy, MSC signed a memorandum with Fincantieri for the first luxury units (which last March became a proper order), and it entered TTP’s capital by taking over a 36.68% share in TAMI (Trieste Adriatic Maritime Initiative Srl) from Unicredit, which were worth 3.4 million euro.

Francesca Marchesi

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