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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/05/18 10:54

RAM ready to launch a new European Ecobonus

Cascetta and Benevolo unveil few details about the revised measures, to be enforced internationally and intended for haulage contractors, aimed at fostering combined transport

As announced by Ennio Cascetta, General Director at Ram (Rete Autorstrade Mediterranee), alongside the event recently arranged by ALIS in Sorrento, the new Ecobonus, being submitted Brussels by the Italian government “will be enforced internationally” and “directly allocated to haulage contractors”.

Actually deserving almost 2 million Euro community funding within the Connecting Europe Facility programme, the new bonus, named Med Atlantic Ecobonus, “will be submitted the European Commission by next summer” Cascetta said.

“Major innovation is that the new Ecobonus will be allocated to all interested Countries globally, to help shifting freight transport from road to sea even along international routes”.

Moreover, while attending latest Ten-T Days 2018 in Ljubljana-Slovenia, Cascetta also reported: “One of our primary commitments aims at developing and supporting the 'Motorway of the sea' programme across the Mediterranean Sea, as deeply coveted by EU transport policies. In collaboration with our partners, by developing these project, we'll definitely enhance sea transport, upgrade connections to the rest of Europe and provide a reliable alternative to road transport, which is far more polluting and expensive”.

In essence, as illustrated by Ram General Director, Francesco Benevolo, in relation to the new European Ecobonus “RAM targets implementing new rules, legally recognized throughout Europe which regulate the issuance of the new intermodal-shifting bonus and no longer targeting the launching of new motorways of the sea”.

The least result would be the development of a new road-sea intermodal transport bonus also enforced on international routes, while “we primarily target – concluded Benevolo – focusing on a new community programme as former Marco Polo, which could be named Magellano, allocated to all interested Countries so as to enhance the development of the motorways of the sea”.

Nicola Capuzzo

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