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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
27/12/17 10:53

President Banchero took his farewell of Admiral Pettorino

The Commander of the Port of Genoa, who is about to move to Rome, was the guest star at Assoagenti's Christmas party

Genoa – During Assagenti's Christmas party held in the Genoese shipping agents association's new headquarters President Alberto Banchero delivered his speech.

"Overall, 2017 has been a positive year, at least for what concerns economy because, though the crisis is not over, things improved for all our companies, and in 2018 there are prospects for economic recovery”, Banchero summarized, supported by Secretary General Moscatelli and by the entire staff before all the association's agents and brokers who attended the party, as well as several  institutional guests: Port Authority Network President Signorini, councillor for economic development Rixi, Spediporto's helm Pitto and Botta, Airport President Odone, Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Caviglia and the guest of honour Admiral Pettorino, who gave his farewell speech to Genoa's port community.

“I must thank the board and all the members of the Committees for their excellent job”, the President went on before listing a series of activities carried out by Assagenti in 2017: VGM, the occupational law n. 135 (“we worked on a proposal for the reform”), the problem of spaces for empty containers (starting a collaboration with the management committee member Prof. Parola and Councillor Rizi), the Italian Logistics Platform (Genoa was the first port to enter it), the implementation of the PMIS II system, the renewal of the category's employment contract supporting Federagenti, the Job Center and training activities (“thanks to the Italian Bilateral Agency, we launched the first national Domenico Papagno course by videoconference with 10 associations gathering 130 participants”) and the great success achieved by the Genoa Shipping Week, hosting the Shipbrokers and Shipagents Dinner, breaking its record for participants and sponsors supporting it.

“The actual collaborations started with the other stakeholders such as those dealing with technical-nautical services, Coast Guards and Customs freight forwarders allowed us to achieve significant results. In particular, we were honoured to work with Admiral Pettorino, who is about to terminate his over two and a half years office in Genoa to move to the General Command in Rome (whether as Commander or Deputy Commander, due to the regulatory amendments related to the appointment, ed.)”, Banchero pointed out before leaving the floor to the “guest star”.

“Working in Genoa was a dream come true”, the Admiral born in Ischia started off before focusing on the ethics of courage. “The point is not having courage, but intervening (or not) with dutiful decisions whenever legislative conditions are met, regardless of one's courage, which is not a prerequisite for our role”, Pettorino philosophized almost moved to tears at the end of his two-years office in Genoa.

Angelo Scorza   

A ‘new’ broker appearing in Genoa

After London and Lugano, Mavega established an almost hidden branch also in Genoa

Despite the economic slam that in the past 10 years affected the shipping industry, including also Genoese brokerage sector, Mavega UK Ltd. opened a branch in Genoa managed by five brokers.

Founded in London by Francesco Carruba, a dry cargo operator (former Duferco's chartering manager and former Genoa Sea Brokers' agent), and managed by the Neapolitan brothers Borriello from its Lugano branch office (established in 2013), Mavega UK Ltd. chose Genoa as its hub within the Italian market, thus completing its global network consisting of offices in Florida, Oslo (Norway) and Guangzhou (China).   

Angelo Scorza

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