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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 11:07

Palumbo’s concession in Savona was annulled

Preliminary deficiencies on the Port Authority’s side: the Regional Administrative Court accepted the appeals filed by Rodriguez Yacht and Monaco Marine against the 20-years concession granted on Mondo Marine’s former areas

The Regional Administrative Court of Genoa accepted the appeals filed by the two French companies Rodriguez Yachts and Monaco Marine, which had asked to annul the acts of last November with which the Port Authority of Genoa and Savona had accepted Palumbo Super Yachts’ application for a twenty-year concession on the area occupied by Mondo Marine until the end of 2017, before it went bankrupt.

Palumbo had already operated in the Savona shipyards in 2018 due to the business lease of Fallimento Mondo Marine, to which the Port Authority had extended the concession until the end of the year with a view to the competitive procedure initiated last spring and concluded in November. In fact, this extension had been successfully appealed against by the two French companies.

The main point of the two appeals filed by Rodriguez and Monaco Marine concerned the fact that Palumbo was awarded the procedure on the strength of the fact that the areas were occupied for the whole 2018, and of the consequent possibility to start activities immediately without interrupting the existing working relations.

However, the Port Authority did not adequately reconcile this criterion with the aforesaid annulment of the extension of the concession to Fallimento and, above all, it did not motivate it while explaining the reason why “the immediate reopening of the shipyard, with the consequent possibility to provide work to employees, is an all-emcompassing reason for the decision, without explaining the possibility to activate social safety nets”.

The other preliminary deficiency charged to the Port Authority concerned the investments suggested by the applicants to the concession, due to the lack “of an explanation of the reason why Palumbo’s contractual proposal was regarded as more documented and assessable”.

An appeal requiring the suspension will almost certainly be filed, but it remains to be understood what will happen to the area and the workers currently employed by Palumbo Super Yachts if the judgement is not suspended.


Andrea Moizo

TAG : Shipyards