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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 03/06/19 11:08

RR to expand their investment plan in Malta

Subsidiary group Tug Malta, which has been delivered the Vittoriosa and is due to receive a new unit in 2021, ordered to Med Marine one more due to arrive in few weeks

Chiuso 03/06/19 10:56

Emanuele Grimaldi opened the lock on the future business developments

In a long interview to the international press, the Neapolitan shipowner disclosed his group’s next strategies: from the upcoming 5 foreign fleets to the opening of new routes, and gave details related to next two classes of newbuildings conceived for the Baltic and the Med

Chiuso 03/06/19 10:28

APL ships will flee off the Mediterranean

CMA CGM, which has been controlling the Asian liner for about 2 years, announced their service network reorganization turning the Mare Nostrum into exclusive reserve of the French holding