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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/02/19 11:18

Onorato: “Italian Minister of Infrastructures and Transports Toninelli is an innocent victim of Grimaldi’s misinformation”

The shipowner replied to every accusation launched by his competitor about indebtedness, traffics, seafarers and Tirrenia convention, and the threatened to take legal actions

Moby’s and Tirrenia’s owner Vincenzo Onorato replied to Manuel Grimaldi’s recent declarations and threatened to file a suit for libel.  

On the merits, Onorato disproved all the statements made by Grimaldi, accusing him to share false news with Italian Minister of Transports and Infrastructures Toninelli, and he provided his own explanation of the facts, starting from the supposed Moby’s and Tirrenia’s loss of market shares: “In Sicily, were we launched a service in competition with Grimaldi, over the years we have been recording a 35% increase in freight traffics, which compensates for his attempts to enter free market lines on the routes to Sardinia outside the convention by practicing dumping”. 

According to Onorato, in Sardinia there is no monopoly because “besides Grimaldi, which is operating on almost all routes, also GNV (MSC Group), Sardinia Ferries and Grendi are active in the region”.

Onorato moved on to his competitor’s indebtedness: “Three billion turnover? Since it is not listed in the Stock Exchange like our company (in fact, it is the 300 million bond issued by Moby in 2016 that is listed in the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, not the company itself ed.), Grimaldi never mentions its indebtedness”.

Referring to the figures provided by Grimaldi about seafarers, Onorato observed that “if out of 15,000 employees, 12,000 are Europeans, it follows that they either employ 3,000 Italian seafarers (out of 50,000 unemployed seafarers), or they offer an Italian contract to their 3,000 non-EU seafarers”.

As concerns Tirrenia, its 72 million euro per year convention “was not granted to Onorato, rather it was inherited” by taking over the company. Onorato also recalled that in the first group for the purchase of Tirrenia there was also Grimaldi, “who withdrew as he was concerned about the large number of Italian seafarers”.

The Tirrenia convention concerns various routes, “which otherwise would not be covered since they are unprofitable for the market and outside peak tourist periods”, and not only Sardinia as “Manuel falsely declared to Minister Toninelli. In fact, approximately half of the subsidy concerns connections with Sicily and the Tremiti islands”, Onorato Armatori’s owner concluded.