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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 12:37

Onorato aiming at a trio in Germany

Negotiations were initiated for the charter of the sister ship of Alf Pollak and Maria Grazia Onorato which the Flensburg shipyard will deliver in September

According to rumours recently reported by the German press, also the ro-ro Leevsten – which was launched by the German shipyard a few weeks ago and which will be delivered to its purchaser (Siem group, a shareholder of the shipyard) in September – will be deployed “in the Mediterranean by an Italian company”.

The company might well be the Onorato group as it carried out an articulated long-term charter transaction related to Leevsten’s most recent sister ships Alf Pollak and Maria Grazia Onorato which, as it seems to have been already decided for the ship Leevsten, were equipped with a scrubber at the Fayard shipyard of Odense (Denmark). Onorato did not comment the news, but negotiations were confirmed at a brokerage level, although until last week the ship was still on the market due to the lack of matching between demand and supply.

What is certain, as the recent picture (taken from Shipspotting website) in the page shows, Leevsten’s funnel has the same sky-blue image that characterizes the tunnels of Alf Pollok and Maria Grazia Onorato. Is it only a good omen on the part of a shipyard which, given its difficult financial situation, is trying to sell a ship which will be ready in four months, or is there something more than that, possibly also with regards to the latest unit of the series to be delivered at the beginning of 2020?



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