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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/06/18 12:55

Onorato acclaimed Aponte, rejected PD left wing party and set Cociancich Decree aside

According to Moby's helm, the whole procedure to reform the International Registry and seafarers jobs should be drawn up again

Vincenzo Onorato

Vincenzo Onorato has seemingly given up hopes about the Cociancich decree, targeting future developments and still betting on a new battle of seafarers played with different players (5 Stars, Fratelli d'Italia and North League parties) which, unlike the Democratic party, already showed their interest in the affair (although still appreciating Roberto Cociancich's commitment), at a press conference on youth unemployment in Italy, illustrating that 5 regions in Southern Italy double the average EU unemployment ratio.

The debate also focused on youth labour on board and the helm of Moby thundered against the party which launched a regulation (the Cociancich decree) which intended to ensure that Italian or EU seafarers were boarded on ro-ro and ro-pax units operating domestic cabotage services.

According to Onorato during latest political election “Southern Italy clearly showed they bet on innovation. We are glad a complete change would wipe out those parties which currently represent  lobbies and not workers”.

The helm of the blue whale also recalled that “the first draft of the Cociancich Decree was frozen and the second one took months before being completed and submitted Brussels”.

Onorato is seemingly aware of the fact that, despite this rule has recently been approved by Brussels, the attempt to amend the International Register decree (n.30 dated 1998) must start from the beginning:

“The decree must be written again. Among European countries, ships flying community flags must recruit community seafarers. Amendments are prohibited; the agreements sealed by Italian shipowners through the triple union (FILT-CGIL, FIT-CISL and Uil Trasporti, Ed) are shocking”.

The right example would be the Jones Act issued in the USA in 1920.

Recently, Beppe Grillo, founder of the 5 Stars party suggested ships should be obliged to recruit seafarers in compliance with the minimum safe manning of a ship on cabotage services among Italian ports, while Onorato stated that: “100% community seafarers should be recruited”.

While attending the convention Moby and Tirrenia's helm also talked about Gianluigi Aponte, number one at Grandi Navi Veloci and MSC, whom he joined a closed alliance with (new ships under construction in China and the joint management of shipping lines to Sicily).

“I particularly appreciate Aponte and I confide current partnership between Moby and MSC groups could further develop”.

Nicola Capuzzo