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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/10/18 10:54

New sales at d’Amico and Barbaro

Rome-based group sold bulker Cielo di Jari in Sweden, while Sicily-based shipowner is negotiating the sale of small-size tanker Galatea

As announced by the buyer Gotland Tankers, Rome-based d'Amico shipowning group has just sold, for an undisclosed price (according to VesselsValue, ranging around 20 million dollars), the 39,000 dwt bulker Cielo di Jari, built at Chinese Yangfan yard in 2016.

The Swedish shipowning group announced the purchase of a series of shipping assets, also mentioning the Cielo di Jari. Still according to Gotland, d'Amico's bulker will be the first of two units to be converted into a liquid food bulker (particularly carrying fruit juice) based on an entrepreneurial initiative launched in partnership with Wisby Tankers group, which in fact mentioned the Cielo di Jari on their website  within their fleet. While confirming the sale, a spokesperson of d’Amico, also told Ship2Shore that “sale terms were particularly favourable due to the fact that this was featured specific characteristics suited for the  conversion”.

Also, PB Tankers, would be seemingly ready to sell 7,400 chemical tanker Galatea.

The company controlled by Palermo-based Pietro Barbaro, only confirmed ongoing negotiations, however, according to various market sources the deal has been almost sealed and the small-size taker should be shortly operating in the Bahamas on behalf of a Mexican shipowner.

Francesco Bottino

TAG : Bulker