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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/12/18 11:00

New feeder services in the Adriatic

X-Press Feeders will connect the Piraeus to Bari, while Unifeeders will be backed by Evergreen

As reported by Dynamanr consultancy firm on their Dynaliner report, X-Press Feeders will shortly launch a new service regularly connecting the Piraeus, COSCO Chinese giant Mediterranean headquarters, to Durres and Bari.

COSCO, which has been managing the Piraues port for years, should get part of the slots available on the new line operated by X-Press Feeders – holding branches in Singapore, Dubai, Hamburg, Barcelona and Panama also controlling a fleet deploying 110 containerships.

Subsidiary Unimed Feeder Service, essentially pivoting on the Mediterranean, will gain a slot on the Adriatic Levant Service loop of Taiwanese Evergreen, operated with three x 1,600 TEU ships calling at Venice, Trieste, Koper, Ravenna, Ancona, the Piraeus, Alexandria-Egypt, Limassol, Beirut, Izmir, the Piraeus and Venice.

Finally, still according to Dynaliner, MSC had allegedly determined raising capacity of their ships serving the Levante Express calling at Felixstoew, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Valencia, Beirut, Alexandria, Mersin, Iskenderun, Naples, La Spezia and Felixstowe.

The Swiss liner will be deploying 9,000 TEU containerships to replace former 6,600 and 7,800 TEU units.



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