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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
24/12/18 10:25

New auction sale for RBD Armatori’s fleet scheduled for next February

The starting price for the 13 ships was lowered from 200 to 190 million dollar

Receivers set February the 22nd as the new date for the auctioning of RBD Armatori’s fleet.

With a note signed by accountants Giovanni Alari and Luciano Caiazzo, as well as by lawyer Vincenzo Ruggiero, they revealed that the entire shipping branch of the Torre del Greco company, including 13 bulk carriers and tankers, will be auctioned at the starting price of 190 million dollar, therefore 10 million dollar less compared to the previous unsuccessful sale attempt of last summer.

Offers will have to be submitted to the Court of Torre Annunziata (Naples) within 12 p.m. of February the 15th, and the procedure specifies that, as already established in the first auction, the single lot includes both the ships and the seamen on board, as well as land-based staff and “all the activities, agreements, resources and operating platform (track record of historical information, contacts with brokers, suppliers etc…) related to the business branch” in general.

The fleet on sale includes 4 7-9 years old Post-Panamax bulk carriers, 3 7-9 years old Capesizes and 6 6-8 years old Aframax oil tankers. According to rumours, last summer both Pillarstone Italy and Augustea, probably on behalf of Star Bulk Carriers, seemed interested in taking over RBD’s business branch, but in the end none of them submitted their offer.


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