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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/05/18 10:52

Naples shipping sector mourned maritime insurance gentleman

Francesco Saverio Poliseno, founder of the family brokerage company (recently joined by its new partner GBSAPRI), passed away after a short illness

Francesco Saverio Poliseno coi figli Andrea e Marco

A point of reference for all Campania shipping insurance companies, the Neapolitan broker Francesco Saverio Poliseno died prematurely due to a deadly disease. The funeral was attended by the whole local shipping community, that mourned him with his wife Lucia and his children Marco and Andrea, who will be responsible for the family company, with the support of their new partner GBSAPRI.

As a matter of fact, last September the Naples-based insurance brokerage company established by Francesco Saverio Poliseno over 40 years ago had signed an agreement with the Italian leading brokerage company resulting from the recent merger of two historical Italian insurance brokers: GBS General Broker Service Spa and Sapri Broker Srl.

During its 4 decades of activities, Poliass had become one of the main points of reference in the shipping sector, providing insurance services to major Italian shipping and industrial groups. From the beginning of the current century, Poliass' founder had been joined by his sons Marco and Andrea, who provided a significant added value.

In turn, GBSAPRI, with over 100 employees in Italy working in 15 operational headquarters and headed by Antonio Dinia (former Generali and experienced also in the Marine sector), had launched a Business Plan aiming at becoming one of the major Italian brokers by 2020. The new partnership is also aiming at developing their Naples hub, strengthening the company's position within the Italian transport sector and in the foreign markets by opening local branches.

“I started working for Assicurazioni Generali as an agent in the transport sector, but in 1984 I decided to become an entrepreneur establishing the company Poliass, enjoying the confidence of a shipowner from Torre del Greco, who is still our customer”, the Neapolitan broker explained in an interview with Ship2shore a few year ago. Poliseno was also a partner of the company Willis, that in the years 1998-2001 opened a branch in Naples, “but then I decided to buy all the company's shares back”.

Also after the merger with GBSAPRI, the Poliseno family held corporate governance, with Francesco Saverio Poliseno as Chairman, and Marco and Andrea as Deputy operating Chairmen.

His friends within the shipping sector published a long list of announcements on the newspaper Il Mattino.

“A proper gentleman, always helpful and smiling, with great humanity and undisputed professional skills”, Giuseppe and Ghetty Bottiglieri, with their daughters Mariella with Joe Green, Alessandra with Raffaele Borriello, and Manuela with Giorgio Avino mourned him.

“There are people who, with their example, manage to inspire us to become better persons. True riches lie in humility and nobleness of soul”, the broker Raffaele Borriello wrote on his website.

“Brother and colleague during my youth and Master of life and profession”, Giovanni and Eugenio Del Forno added.

“An example of high human virtues and deep family values”, this his how his relatives described “uncle Saverio”.

“He managed to combine intelligence and strength with humanity and tenderness”, others added.

“Good and generous man, persevering entrepreneur, husband, father and loving grandfather”.

“Founder and Chairman, with great commitment and professionalism, and with the help of his sons Marco and Andrea, he led the Company to the highest Italian and international levels”, his new partners GBSAPRI concluded.

Angelo Scorza 


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